Software Quality Control

To assess, test and prevail

Achieve 100% productivity, 100% ROI and 100% budget efficiency by using our quality control tools for software and apps. Stay equipped with accurate analysis and testing at every production step. Secure healthy lifecycle of your project. Receive accurate data on your progress and gain full control over your product development with the modern software quality assurance of Mangosoft.

Software Quality and Testing

Control at every stage

Functional testing

Conducting API and system testing. Integration and acceptance testing. End-to-end testing and full testing of app features. Using next-generation software QA tools for functional automation testing and running through all types of scenarios (from positive to negative) for testing app features. Upgrading or improving the tested software after QA.

User Experience testing

Confirming that all the developed and integrated features of your software perform within the design specifications. Running the application, catching and eliminating bugs, removing the elements that obstruct or strain the performance. This is one of the most important software testing steps any software-manufacturing company must employ.

Non-functional testing

Testing the performance of your software, running an installation procedure. Launching a software quality assurance program that includes security testing (checking software for vulnerabilities or possible loopholes), configuration testing (defining whether the software is compatible with specific drivers, platforms, and OS’) and usability testing.

How it works?

Study and Planning
Verification and Report

Study and Planning

Defining and validating the requirements of the client. Documenting the testing strategy. Creating a basis for the SCRUM sprint. Composing a project checklist and task checklist.


Executing tests with software QA methodologies. Gathering data on defects and software productivity. Updating the scripts and building test cases. Reporting the results to the client between each testing session.

Verification and Report

Verifying error and bug removal after quality assurance. Reviewing deliverables. Performing regression and acceptance software testing. Reporting on the final results.


Mangosoft Software QA

Accurate results. Long-term benefit

Inclusive testing

Open-minded QA results in fruitful software development. Mangosoft is open to the wide range of digital projects. We provide software quality testing for apps, PC software, wearables, mobile and gadgets applications.

Time efficiency

The less time you spend on bug fixing and patching, the more opportunities you gain. With our software quality assurance management all testing works will be done swiftly, allowing you to proceed to profiting.

Transparent work

We build test cases in TestRail, JIRA and similarly transparent and trackable software quality assessment and testing tools to make our client reports as in-depth, clear and comprehensive as possible.

Sophisticated precision

Independent software testing involves not just the automated tools of the company, but manual testing as well. Our software QA engineers analyze the projects specific to select the optimal manual/automated testing ratio.


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