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QA Audit

QA Audit

Our software quality assurance consulting company examines your current quality control process, identifies bottlenecks and develops an action plan to optimize testing procedures.

QA Strategy Development

QA Strategy Development

Our software QA consulting experts draw up a quality assurance strategy in accordance with your goals and fundamental procedures and indicate which resources your team is lacking.

QA Procedure Improvement

QA Procedure Improvement

As part of this software testing consulting service, our QA consulting company creates a strategy, identifies weaknesses, predicts risks, and helps to implement the necessary improvements to get a specific result.



Make sure your software is on par with corporate and industry standards and meets necessary deadlines: with our quality assurance consulting services, you will get certified right from the first time and reduce the cost of tweaks and rework.

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What is a QA audit?

A quality assurance audit is the process of reviewing a project's quality assurance procedures to ensure that the ongoing process meets quality requirements and standards. It helps identify any weaknesses in your current testing procedure and provides solutions to address them.

QA audit is a great choice for companies that are familiar with the following problems:

  1. A lot of time is spent testing releases and they are not released on time.
  2. There is no understanding whether you are using your resources efficiently, and whether it is possible to optimize them at all.
  3. There is no understanding why certain negative situations arise in the project, and you do not know how to fix them.
  4. There is no coherent structured picture of the quality of the product, but only a superficial opinion without hard facts.
  5. If 1–2 key specialists leave or get sick, the project will stop.
  6. The testing team does not participate in the project at the stage of requirements analysis, which can lead to untimely identification of defects, but the management does not hear the arguments.
  7. Team productivity is highly dependent on infrastructure and external services.
  8. Long-term clarification of those responsible for preparing the general test environment or solving non-standard situations.
  9. There are problems with the preparation of documentation for the product (it is not updated on time, there is no time to write or there is no one to write).
  10. All testers (and not only testers) are heavily loaded with manual testing, there is no time left for self-development.
  11. Testing processes are not transparent to business representatives, which makes them dissatisfied.
  12. The team cannot cope with the amount of improvements that the customer's representatives require.
  13. Business customers do not want to hear about your problems, and the team burns out from these problems.
Why do I need a quality assurance consultant?

QA consultants are needed for companies looking to improve testing procedures or correct ineffective strategies. With the help of audits, QA consultants identify weaknesses in your testing processes, help you establish an optimal strategy and thereby improve the quality of your products. They will help you determine:

  • the effectiveness of your current testing process;
  • weaknesses in your methodologies;
  • problems in the process of creating autotests;
  • missing resources for an ideal testing procedure.

QA consultants will give you specific action algorithms, using which you can simultaneously:

  • improve the efficiency of the QA team;
  • reduce terms;
  • cut budgets.

In the future, you will be able to identify not only your own problems, but also the problems of external projects. You will establish interaction with customers, colleagues and automate repetitive operations as much as possible.

When should a QA consultant be involved in the project?
Software testing consulting specialists can join the project at any stage. But a more profitable option would be to involve them at the earliest stages: there you can immediately identify weak points and minimize the effort required to fix problems.
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