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Functional Testing

Functional Testing

We will check the operation of each system module and the correctness of its interaction with other modules: this allows us to determine whether the software is working properly and whether it performs all the prescribed functions.

Acceptance Testing

Acceptance Testing

Our cloud testing company determines whether the product meets end-user requirements by developing a methodology, creating acceptance tests, and coordinating the testing process among the users for whom the product is intended.

Non-Functional Testing

Non-Functional Testing

We conduct this type of testing to check the readiness of the system in terms of non-functional parameters: this includes performance, security, acceptability, multi-tenancy, disaster recovery, and scalability testing.

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Our Approach to Cloud Testing

Verification of the cloud as a whole

Assessment of a specific internal cloud feature

Testing across the cloud based on its type

SaaS checking including functional and non-functional tests

What is cloud testing?

Cloud testing is the testing of software that moves from one cloud infrastructure to another. Its purpose is to make sure that the application meets all requirements. Cloud testing allows you to check:

  1. SaaS – software as a service.
  2. PaaS – platform as a service.
  3. IaaS – infrastructure as a service.
What are the testing types for cloud testing?
Cloud testing can include standard types of testing such as functional, stress, load, performance, compatibility, and others.
How can testing be performed under a cloud?
Testing cloud services is almost like testing regular software. The only difference is the addition of two types of testing, local with a local emulator and testing directly in the cloud.
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