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ETL Testing

ETL Testing

If ETL does not work as expected, data will be corrupted, inadequately altered, or lost in transit, leading to inaccurate conclusions and erroneous business decisions. By performing this testing, our qualified experts check the correctness of ETL using a data-centric approach: they examine the data at each entry point, identify duplicates and missing foreign keys, check that the transformations comply with your business rules and the consistency of the source and target data. With a wide variety or amount of data stored in DWH, our experts offer automated ETL testing of your DWH using iCEDQ, QuerySurge and other tools.

BI Testing

BI Testing

In order to make informed business decisions, data quality must be maintained at all stages, so we ensure that OLAP operations are working properly and compare the data and its format in DWH to ensure that it provides accurate information. We also check the display times of your reports to make sure they meet your requirements. BI testing ensures the reliability of the data and the accuracy of the conclusions drawn from the BI process. We also test the performance of BI projects by stress testing reports and business intelligence dashboards to verify that a new report or dashboard meets requirements.

Security Testing

Security Testing

Data warehouses contain sensitive business information such as personal data of customers and employees or financial information from the internal environment of the company and external partner environment that requires enhanced protection. DWH security testing will ensure the correctness of access at different authorization levels and will help to establish the work of the encryption and decryption of data adopted for your business: your business data will befully protected in accordance with the required security measures, and, if necessary, all data backup operations will work as expected.

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Our Approach to Data Warehouse Testing

Analysing project requirements

Data source validation

Test design

Source system data extraction

Test execution

Test summary report

What is DWH testing?

Data warehouse testing involves a thorough study of the data in the warehouse for reliability, accuracy, integrity, and consistency in terms of the overall data structure of the company. The main goal of DWH testing is to ensure the reliability of the data so that the company can freely use it for decision making.

When conducting DWH testing, testers use BI and ETL testing methods. An ETL tool allows them to extract data from the right sources, convert it to the right format, and put it into a data warehouse. In turn, the BI tool helps to create various reports.

What is the difference between ETL testing and data warehouse testing?
ETL testing is one of the parts of data warehouse testing, which is responsible for extracting and transforming data before placing it in the data warehouse.
How many testers are required in a DWH testing project?
The number of testers directly depends on the volume of the data warehouse and the corresponding duration and complexity of the testing procedure. The project estimate usually indicates the number of people required after a careful assessment of the work to be done.
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