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.NET Application Development

.NET Application Development

Our experienced software developers create robust applications with rich functionality and extensive customization options. We develop applications for desktops, smartphones, and web platforms. Here at Mangosoft, you can find solutions across devices and industries - FinTech, e-commerce, healthcare, etc.

Cross-Platform Application Development

Cross-Platform Application Development

With the help of our team, you can have cross-platform applications developed with ease. Our developers write code for iOS, Android, Windows - wherever .NET runs. We use Xamarin, .NET, and other tools that allow us to write specific code for on multiple platforms and architectures.

Enterprise Software Development

Enterprise Software Development

Our company has all the technical expertise and resources that are necessary for developing enterprise applications in .NET. We build .NET enterprise-class applications to perform various business functions, including order and payment processing, accounting, enterprise resource planning, and customer relationship management.

3rd Party Software Customization

3rd Party Software Customization

Our technical specialists can tailor a third-party .NET solution to meet your business’ needs. Microsoft provides a standard set of controls with Visual Studio, but third-party packages have numerous unique features to aid in the development of applications for PCs and other devices. We offer Microsoft .NET development services with total support and third-party compatibility.

Migration & Porting

Migration & Porting

During these multi-step processes, we cover every aspect of the project: the initial setup, basic controllers and views, static content, and other client-side dependencies. Our team is equipped with an effective toolkit to implement and benefit from all .NET standards. When performing a migration, we adapt projects fully to the working conditions in the new environment.

Integration of .NET Products

Integration of .NET Products

The .NET integration process is complete when all of the components function as a whole in a single system without hindrance. Our team of developers integrates various subsystems so that they can become part of a larger, more complex system. We promote the free flow of data across subsystems so that every component will work quickly.

We Deliver
.NET-Based Applications
With .NET, we build different types of applications - web, mobile, desktop, or cross-platform solutions. Due to open development and close collaboration within our team, we have successfully delivered .NET projects in a variety of industries.
Operations Management Systems
Our experts develop comprehensive operations management systems. We work on each project with the goal of improving the system’s efficiency, transparency, and accountability. If necessary, we can easily integrate a custom system into your project.
Cloud-Ready Applications
In addition to moving data centers off company premises and migrating existing applications into the cloud, we are involved in developing an application that is cloud-ready. It will be deployed into either a public or a private cloud.
Enterprise Cloud Software
Through enterprise-level cloud computing, we provide increased productivity, superior security, and reduced costs. We have all the resources (both technical and human) to develop, test, deploy, and release new applications and software in a private or hybrid cloud.
ERP/CRM Systems
Our specialists develop new, custom solutions for different business specifications or processes. These systems streamline many processes, thus increasing overall business profitability. If you’re finding it hard to decide which software you need, our experts will help you.
Corporate Web Portals
To provide central access to corporate information within companies, we integrate internal and external data into a single user interface. We can design this software for various target user groups (clients, suppliers, employees) at a specified level of security.
Why Choose Node.js FOR YOUR PROJECT

Among all the advantages of modern technologies, there are good reasons why to select a concrete technology for your project. Our team of experts will pay attention to all sorts of issues in order to guarantee tangible results after our cooperation.

Fast Process of Development

You can create high-quality applications faster due to its simple language constructs.

Effective Memory Management

You can deploy a form of enterprise checking in which system resources are not utilized.

Superior Performance

By using .NET applications for your business, you can make the best use of the technology’s superior performance.

High Levels of Security

You can grant the users of your application secure access with an inbuilt security mechanism.

Technologies WE USE
In the development process, we use the most effective programming languages, platforms and technologies to achieve all our goals.
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Vast Microsoft Tech Stack Expertise
A wide variety of technologies, which come bundled with the .NET platform, help us to provide full services and coverage. Our development team has experience in using ASP.NET on the front end and .NET and SQL Server on the back end.
Multitalented Development Team
Our development team is comprised of many specialists, including talented project managers, business analysts, Microsoft-certified .NET developers, and testers. They will work tirelessly towards each client’s goals.
Cost-Optimized Approach
We take a cost-optimized approach when outsourcing software development. We combine it with the latest IT technologies, management best practices, and our own experience in creating .NET applications.
Permanent Monitoring
We offer .NET software development services across a variety of projects and monitor each one separately. At every stage, interactions take place between managers and developers to guarantee high-quality software.
Case Studies
Our offshore development group is experienced in delivering real results to end users - study our projects to make sure in our competence
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How We Work in .net development
At Mangosoft, we believe in win-win situations where the entire project workflow is optimized to achieve the best results. The workflow of our business is based on our values and promises to our customers. That is why our company succeeds in every project and is ready to take on new technological challenges.
Business Analysis & Approval

Before delivering on the potential of .NET technology, we do a thorough business analysis. We set about the task only after the plan for implementation is approved.

Project Implementation & Development

Our team guarantees good results for each project. We offer our clients top-notch software development and implementation.

Support & Maintenance

We will always respond to all of your support requests. If necessary, we can add new features or keep software going even when bugs arise.

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