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We Offer
Web Application Development

Web Application Development

Our Java development company builds web applications of any type, all of them 100% secure. We use a full technology stack: JEE, JSE, Spring, Hibernate, and any other tools that are needed to deliver effective solutions specifically tailored to your business objectives.

Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

We specialize in Java mobile development building fail-safe applications supported by most smartphones and tablets. We develop apps for iOS and Android operating systems. Our team delivers user-friendly products using up-to-date technologies.

Enterprise Software Development

Enterprise Software Development

Our experts know that J2EE technology can be a great strategic fit for any enterprise. Keeping every aspect of the architecture in mind - interconnectivity, scalability, security, and performance - we satisfy the needs of an entire organization to increase productivity.

IoT Development

IoT Development

We use Java to develop IoT software as the best option to run the program on any device with ease of connection. We develop IoT programs and provide other solutions that can be easily adopted with the help of our Java developers. We extend the life cycle of the application updating it in accordance with market changes.

Porting & Migration

Porting & Migration

Thanks to our Java developers’ vast experience, porting and migration become fast and easy for our clients. While porting or migrating software to a more responsive platform, we will take measures to avoid any traps or potential failures. Our team will employ modernization efforts strategically, to help your business.

Java Solutions We Deliver
Server-Side & Client-Side Programming
At Mangosoft, end-to-end software development is available to you, meaning that the program we develop runs on either the server-side or the client-side. Java as a back-end language helps us to work on a server, database, API. After that, we’re ready to provide a communication link between a server and a client (user).
Microservices Architecture
This service-oriented architecture implies that the whole development process is divided into microservices. In other words, every feature or functionality of Java-based apps runs as a separate microservice. This is a great solution. We are ready to work out for your big and complex projects, and it will help us complete them quickly.
Cloud-Enabled Software
A wide variety of Java cloud development tools - Oracle Java Cloud Service, Spring Cloud, AWS SDK allows us to build robust cloud applications according to industry-specific standards. We develop software either on Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud or Oracle Cloud.
Mobile Applications on iOS & Android
Our developers can offer your business unprecedented value with Java mobile development services. With a full suite of tools - Android Studio, Java Development Kit, React Native, Objective-C, Swift, and others - our specialists build mobile apps that run on both Android- and iOS-based devices.
IoT Embedded Software
Java capabilities and the skills of our developers help to make today’s IoT products great. We develop IoT programs and apps to enrich our clients’ lifestyles. Thus, if you want to develop smart programs or need other solutions for wearable devices, you can contact our Java software company.
Data Analytics Software
Our team develops Java applications to solve specific data analytics issues that are faced by enterprises. We build a machine learning infrastructure, then deploy an analytic model in a Kafka application to make real-time predictions. This software analyzes the business data that are necessary for successful operation in the market.
Why Choose Java for Your Project

Among all the advantages of modern technologies, there are good reasons why to select a concrete technology for your project. Our team of experts will pay attention to all sorts of issues in order to guarantee tangible results after our cooperation.

Advanced Security

You can avoid common vulnerabilities, security threats and cyber breach and get race condition safety

High Portability

You can bring a program to many different operating systems, not just the one on which it was developed

Long-Term Stability

Java allows you to avoid unpleasant consequences when modifying software code


You can have a multithreaded program developed to perform many tasks at the same time

Technologies We Use
In the development process, we use the most effective programming languages, platforms and technologies to achieve all our goals.
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Key Advantages to Choose Mangosoft for Outsourcing Java
Experienced Offshore Java Developers
When we offer you Java programming services, we’re sure that we’ll meet all of your business challenges. How? We hire only highly skilled specialists with vast experience in Java software development. Thanks to this approach, we have a well-earned global reputation as a reliable partner.
Effective Data Protection
When working on Java applications, we offer extra data protection through Java Cryptographic Architecture. At Mangosoft there is always a reliable and effective data protection program, which complies with applicable law and data protection principles.
Strategic Development & Planning
When we know all the specifics of an upcoming Java development project, our team does thorough planning as part of the business strategy. We set priorities and allocate resources efficiently to meet all the stated goals and achieve the intended outcomes.
Client-Focused Approach
In every project, our team focuses on the customer’s needs and considers [A1] any Agile metrics that are essential to the final, developed product. We provide each client with a meaningful and valuable product, and we always respond to clients’ requests in real time.
Case Studies
Our offshore development group is experienced in delivering real results to end users - study our projects to make sure in our competence
Testimonials from Our Clients
How We Work on Outsourcing Java Projects
At Mangosoft, we believe in win-win situations where the entire project workflow is optimized to achieve the best results. The workflow of our business is based on our values and promises to our customers. That is why our company succeeds in every project and is ready to take on new technological challenges.
Requirements & Business Analysis

At Mangosoft, our whole working process adheres to the specific requirements our clients specify. We analyze them to make your idea a reality and deliver a robust plan to act as the foundation of your project.

Software Development & Deployment

This is the stage at which our specialists will use Java for software development to develop user-friendly software. We will set up weekly calls so that you can monitor the project’s progress in real time.

Support & Maintenance

After a project’s development and successful launch, our team will continue to work closely with clients. We will provide active support to ensure the optimal user experience that is in harmony with our client’s business needs.

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