Managed Software Testing Services We Offer

By Focus Areas

By Focus Areas

Functional testing
Compatibility testing
Performance testing
Integration testing
Usability testing

By Platforms

By Platforms

Web application testing
Mobile application testing
Cloud testing
Desktop application testing

By Development Stages

By Development Stages

Independent testing
Regression testing

By Level of Automation

By Level of Automation

Manual testing
Automated testing

By Solutions Type

By Solutions Type

Enterprise software testing
Big Data testing
E-commerce testing
ERP testing
Data warehouse testing
Software QA consulting
Blockchain application testing

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Benefits of Managed Software Testing


Cost Effectiveness

Our professional, highly skilled managed testing team will help you implement all your quality assurance requirements without the downtime and the need to expand the internal team and spend time on onboarding.


Increased Efficiency

You get the organization and management of all testing processes, as well as the guarantee of work on time from experts with hundreds of QA cases under their belt, thereby minimizing risks and problems with bottlenecks.


Fast Time To Market

Transparent, reliable, and high-quality communication that allows you to control all processes and predict any changes along the way can significantly speed up the time to market and ensure a successful release of your product.

Technologies We Use in Managed Software Testing

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How We Work on Managed Software Testing

At Mangosoft, we build value-adding solutions for many verticals and business domains to successfully implement digital ideas, maximize the value of software investments, and address critical business needs. Each time we go through the entire working process that produces valuable results for our clients.


Our managed testing experts review your internal development and quality assurance processes, infrastructure, and project documentation to determine the scope of testing and associated risks and create a work roadmap.


We structure the received data and formulate a testing strategy with the definition of the optimal structure of the quality assurance process: testers select the necessary tools and take responsibility for managing the testing process and the quality.


We implement the testing process according to the plan: allocation of resources, development of modular test scenarios with the preparation of representative test data, and generation of reports on the tests performed.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is managed software testing?
Managed software testing services are the practice of outsourcing software testing tasks to improve operations and reduce costs.

Managed testing is a good choice for companies that do not have the proper internal resources to implement complex testing procedures. Then choosing a good managed testing services provider will help them save time and deliver high-quality results without having to hire full-time employees or interact with freelancers.

Managed QA service providers offer not only specialists, but also access to all necessary software and implementation of automation best practices throughout the project. You get the opportunity to focus on other business tasks while testers perform all quality assurance tasks.
What does managed QA services testing include?
Managed testing includes the entire testing process and exhaustive answers to the questions:

  1. What should be tested? Here we are talking about the system under test and all its requirements and functions that need to be tested. Eventually this should be formalized as a list of test cases.
  2. How should this be tested? This is the definition of the depth and detail of the tests. For example, testing the general functionality of the system without specific details regarding the interaction with third parties.
  3. When should this be tested? This determines whether testing should be carried out at a specific time, regularly at specific intervals, or in the event of a certain scenario foreseen in advance.
  4. What can delay the completion of testing? Here it is necessary to try to simulate and anticipate what potential failures or problems can delay the completion of testing and minimize risks.
  5. Who are the key stakeholders? Identification of key stakeholders allows establishing the right communication scheme and optimizing the decision-making process at different stages of work.
When managed testing is required?
Managed software testing services are necessary for a company if:

  1. Complex testing is required and there is no corresponding full-time team.
  2. The cost of acquiring freelancers or finding new hires drives up the cost of testing.
  3. The company has a team of testers, but there is no standardized and structured testing process and delivery quality assurance.
In general, managed testing is a useful and effective solution for complex projects requiring a lot of automation. It is especially relevant in the case of limited time and resources and when you understand that buying software licenses and hiring new employees will cost you more than transferring managed testing to outsourcing specialists.
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