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Load Testing

Load Testing

Our load testing services include evaluating product behavior and response time under expected load with a gradual increase in the number of concurrent users.

Stress Testing

Stress Testing

Our team validates the product for stability beyond the bandwidth by determining the software load limit and evaluating the system's resilience at peak loads.

Scalability Testing

Scalability Testing

It’s a test of the app's ability to function correctly when scaling up/down non-functional capabilities: the number of transactions, the amount of data, etc.

Stability Testing

Stability Testing

Through stability testing, we analyze the performance of the product during long-term testing with the expected load level to ensure there are no failures at any time.

Performance Testing Platforms
Tools We Use for Performance Testing
Solutions For Which We Implement Performance Testing
Web and Mobile Applications

Web Portals

Heavy Systems With JavaScript Code

REST API Services

Our Approach to Performance Testing

Requirements analysis

Determination data for test

Planning test strategy development

Preparation of load infrastructure

Test execution

Comparison and analysis of actual and expected results

Generating execution report

Test regression

What is performance testing in software engineering?

Software performance testing is a complex of testing types, the purpose of which is to determine the stability, resource consumption and other attributes of software quality under various scenarios of use and workloads. Performance testing allows performance testing companies to find possible vulnerabilities and flaws in the system in order to prevent their detrimental effect on the program's operation under conditions of use. The necessary parameters of the system in a specific environment can be tested using:

  1. Determining the working number of users of the application.
  2. Measuring the execution time of various system operations.
  3. Determining the performance of an application at various degrees of load.
  4. Determining acceptable limits of program performance at different load levels.
How does load testing work?

Performance testing is carried out to ensure the smooth operation of the software at all stages of its life cycle. Performance testing as a service is usually carried out in several main stages:

  1. System analysis and selection of requirements.
  2. Preparing a strategy.
  3. Setting up the load generator.
  4. Monitoring servers and load generators.
  5. Preparing test data.
  6. Development of load scripts.
  7. Pre-run tests.
  8. Testing.
  9. Analysis of the results and preparation of the report.
What are the types of performance testing?

Depending on the characteristics that need to be tested, load testing companies divide performance testing into the following types:

  1. Load testing. Testing the response time of the application to various types of requests to ensure that the application is performing as expected under normal user load.
  2. Capacity testing. Testing is done to check how many users a system can handle before performance drops below acceptable levels.
  3. Volume testing. Testing is carried out with an increase not in the load and operating time, but in the amount of used data that is stored and used in the application.
  4. Soak testing. Testing is carried out in the format of simulating a large traffic flow over a long period of time to check the software's endurance under such loads.
  5. Stress testing. Testing the performance of the application under loads exceeding user loads by several times.
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