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Our Mission


Having grown beyond the limits of a mobile and web development company, we defined our goals. Our mission is to help you to enhance and grow your business while overcoming technology challenges.

Whether there is a need for website development, efficient project management or a full-scale digital transformation, Mangosoft’s and constantly updated insight on the latest custom software development tendencies, powerful leadership and next level technologies are here to empower business owners with the benefits of the digital world.


Our Vision

New opportunities bring new inspiration and digital era is generous with possibilities. The accomplishments that used to take five years to achieve, now can be attained in just two years of using right digital solutions.

It is a powerful knowledge that we aim to share. Through our work, we show and spread the benefits of positive digital experience, let our clients enjoy the faster, easier and more productive way of business management and encourage the emergence of new transformative projects.

What is Mangosoft?

Immediately after beginning its path of software development in 2016, Mangosoft company has been working with small and medium businesses and enterprises in the USA and Europe. Rapidly evolving into a versatile brand specialized in providing modern software development solutions and website development services Mangosoft is recognized as a beneficial partner by global brands such as Electronic Arts, EBRD, and TouchPress.


Start building your next level brand now!

Currently, Mangosoft cooperates with multiple clients worldwide, enabling them to digitize their business for a better profitability, task management, and goal setting. With its top tier development software, mobile gaming tools, AI tech, multi-skilled team leaders and accomplished frontend/backend experts, Mangosoft exists to meet your custom development needs.

How do we work?

Our approach is based on understanding, agility and the perfect ratio of human resources, technology, heart and complex, yet fail-proof Scrum technology.

  • We receive a detailed outline of the client’s project idea, information about the client’s target audience, goals and vision of their digital project. This is a collaborative process that involves participation of every specialist on the project team.
  • We run an extensive analysis relevant to the project and perform competitive analysis to define how to make your digital solution unique and capable of overcoming the challenges.
  • We outline the milestones, select the technologies, skills and tools that will make your project shine, estimate time and costs. After this, our digital sprint begins!
  • We bring together an exclusive team of experts with the skills that guarantee your project’s success. We assign the tasks, establish a communication between the team and the client.
  • Our team works on the creation, development or integration within a fixed and reviewed time schedule to bring your project to life. All progress is documented, reviewed and discussed on the daily or weekly basis.
  • We deliver the finished project to the client. The result of our services increases the business efficiency and revenue growth of the client, allowing to achieve cost optimization, automate and simplify the business processes, increase the number of customers, their satisfaction rate.

AI/Machine learning

  • Unleashing the potential of A.I. (iOS, Android, hybrid platforms, custom software)
  • Learning models for safe decision making
  • Utilizing Java tools, Python, JavaScript and C# for building and superior flexible Machine Learning

UX/UI design

  • Website design that bonds with users
  • Unique corporate design for enterprise software.
  • Convenience and quick performance at the core of visual design


  • Tools and platforms for sorting, processing and managing your Big Data
  • Powerful databases (MongoDB, Oracle, Redis, MySQL, etc)
  • Solid network for a better employee communication


  • Inclusive range of tests to ensure the quality of the your project
  • Transparent methods and tools for testing usability
  • Security, and performance testing
  • Real user monitoring for your digital project


  • Timely delivery of the digital project for your company
  • Three Engagement Model types to choose from
  • Wide range of resource management options

Start building your next level brand now!


Mangosoft team proposes solutions for the shortage of experts with necessary skills for completing digital tasks. Lack of expertise with Python programming, software testing methods or any other digital tech or knowledge deficiency creates an immense delay in the project delivery. Being an official IT consultant of EBRD and developing projects for EA Games, Mangosoft provides partnership that fills the missing skill gaps, provides technical and informational support, and lets enterprises avoid unnecessary expenses caused by outsourcing to unknown companies. With 24/7 access to Mangosoft engineers, tech and resources, agile team management and the opportunity to change the number of specialists within the team, you are guaranteed a diligent assistance and fulfilling business relationship.

What we value


The path to progress is paved by innovative thinking and ability to go beyond the limits. We pay close attention to the ideas and concepts of our clients without looking back on templates and formalities.

Every individual design has something new to offer to the digital software development market and its users, so our dedicated team is fully invested into shaping your project and defining its authenticity.


We understand that the quality of a final digital project speaks about the company’s competence more than a thousand words. For that reason, project delivery by Mangosoft channels the company’s devotion to the next generation enterprise software development.

Each time a task is assigned, our designers, developers and project managers are committed to the end.


The digital era is advancing and human to human communication is its foundation. To us, our clients are more than consumers. They are entrepreneurs, business owners, partners, the people with goals and dreams, and our communication fully reflects that.

When we build a custom software, develop a site or outsource for the client’s company, we are always ready to listen, discuss, and support.


Creating an efficient strategy that would guarantee productive results takes more than one step.

Whether It is a website design or a massive digital transformation campaign, we adhere to an agile framework of task and knowledge management to ensure on-time project delivery and the most gainful experience for you, your employees and customers.


The ability to learn, adapt and make quick decisions is what ultimately defines the mastery of a software development company.

The digital era is a rapidly changing place, and Mangosoft keeps up with its rhythm by perfecting the company’s custom enterprise software development services, digital transformation tools and QA methods.

Start building your next level brand now!

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