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Custom Node.js Development

Custom Node.js Development

Our Node.js development company works on custom applications that are ready for production. We listen to each client carefully in order to develop software that meets all the requirements. Our developers who have special skill sets work or stay on the staff team as needed.

Application Development

Application Development

Our team of developers finds Node.js efficient in many kinds of applications - web, mobile, or desktop. We set up a Node runtime environment for back-end and cross-platform app development. This is the best solution for real-time applications, and our developers are experienced in executing it.

Enterprise Software Development

Enterprise Software Development

Node.js is a language we use to develop enterprise applications for different purposes: from tracking business performance to helping employees stay connected. Along with Node.js outsourcing, our developers use micro-services to work on enterprise apps and handle all specific requests from our clients.

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Node.js Solutions We Deliver

IoT Software
We connect apps with all the smart technologies that make people’s lives easier. The Node.js capabilities, along with our skills and expertise, enter the development process to satisfy even the strictest demands of users. We offer a large number of libraries and the ability to work stably on heavily loaded projects without using significant server resources.
Streaming Platforms
Thanks to its non-blocking architecture, we can use Node.js for encoding servers to broadcast high-quality video and audio, download multiple files, and stream data. We have experience developing streaming platforms that have become distinctive in the entertainment market. Our Node.js app development company provides exceptional durability and reliability.
Real-Time Chatbots
We develop chatbots as powerful interactive tools that offer personalized approaches in many industries: banking, e-commerce, healthcare, etc. Our Node.js application development company helps enterprises begin constructive negotiations and generate revenue with well-developed, Node.js-based chatbots.
Social Networking Apps
Whether you want to build a social networking application that is like Twitter, Instagram, Spotify, or Facebook, we are equipped with the tools to make all of your ideas into reality. Node.js is one of the tools that help us to implement the best solutions.
E-commerce Portals & Marketplaces
Node.js allows our developers to create lightning-fast, scalable Web applications for e-commerce. Its event-driven and non-blocking I/O model provides for the efficient server-side operation, as well as for efficient network applications.
Node.js Solutions We Deliver

Why Choose Node.js for Your Project

Among all the advantages of modern technologies, there are good reasons why to select a concrete technology for your project. Our team of experts in Node.js web development services will pay attention to all sorts of issues in order to guarantee tangible results after our cooperation.

Cross-Platform Environment

You can have desktop Web applications developed for macOS, Windows, and Linux.

Full-Stack Development

There’s no need to hire separate teams for back-end and front-end development.

Easy Scalability

It’s easy to have Node.js applications scaled, both horizontally and vertically.

Lightweight Applications

You can use real-time, data-intensive applications that don’t require much loading time.

Technologies We Use

In the development process within our Node.js development services, we use the most effective programming languages, platforms, and technologies to achieve all our goals.
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Key Advantages to Choose Mangosoft for Node.js Development

Effective Product Solutions

Our team develops a wide range of products with functionalities that cover all the needs of customers. We consider all the aspects of successful software development to add value to every solution we offer.

Risk Assessment & Quality Control

Unlike other Node.js companies, our specialists analyze potential factors that could have an adverse effect on the final software products. We provide quality control at each stage of development as a guarantee of high-quality results.

Best Development Practices

At Mangosoft, our team applies to the latest technologies that are available at the moment of software development. We also upgrade our developers’ knowledge base through constant in-house training.

Close Collaboration with Clients

We use our vast experience to add value to our customer relationships. Due to effective communication, we work hand in hand with our partners in the USA, Europe, and other areas.

Case Studies

Our offshore development group is experienced in delivering real results to end users - study our projects to make sure in our competence

Testimonials from Our Clients

How We Work in nodejs development

At Mangosoft, we believe in win-win situations where the entire project workflow is optimized to achieve the best results. The workflow of our business is based on our values and promises to our customers. That is why our company succeeds in every project and is ready to take on new technological challenges.

Business Analysis & Approval

We provide a detailed analysis of the idea before turning it into reality. This stage protects you against all possible risks in the future.

Software Development & Deployment

We develop software based on all the specifications approved at the initial stages. We prepare every product for operation in a specific environment.

Support & Maintenance

Our team offers support and maintenance services that are relevant to businesses and ensure the continued availability of software systems.

Frequently Asked Questions
How much does it cost to build a Node.js app?
As with other projects, the cost of Node.js development services depends on various factors. You need to understand the scope of the project, the features needed, the complexity, etc. On average, we can talk about amounts from $15,000 to $50,000+ for simpler and more complex projects, respectively.
What are the benefits of outsourcing Node.js development?
There are many undeniable advantages of Node.js outsourcing. Among them are:

  1. Significant savings.Node.js offers developers many free development tools.
  2. Great flexibility.The flexibility of Node.js makes it attractive to both startups and mature companies.
  3. Scalability and speed.Node.js solutions are known for their versatility and fast code execution.
Which code quality practices do you follow while developing an application?
As an experienced Node.js development company, we follow proven agile development process methodologies with a standard set of steps including planning, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance.

Our many years of experience have made us professionals in Node.js web development services. We have developed projects for a wide range of industries, from fintech and logistics to e-commerce and healthcare. When we use Node.js technology, we strive for efficient, fast, and stable solutions.
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