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Smoke Testing

Smoke Testing

This testing involves the creation of a series of small tests to check the stability of the software and the presence of obvious errors in it.

Unit/Module Testing

Unit/Module Testing

We check individual software components or modules to ensure the correct and efficient operation of each part of the software product.

Integration Testing

Integration Testing

This testing involves a combination of program modules and their joint testing as a group to identify problems in their interaction.

System Testing

System Testing

Also known as system-level testing, this testing is carried out after the unit and integration types of testing and involves checking the complete system for compliance with the requirements.

Regression Testing

Regression Testing

Carried out on already tested components of the production code, this testing is designed to identify regression errors and make sure that no new bugs have appeared after testing.

User Acceptance Testing

User Acceptance Testing

Our QA functional testing team conducts acceptance testing, which involves checking the product from the point of view of the end user and studying its functionality in different conditions.

Functional Testing Platforms
Tools We Use for Functional Testing
Solutions For Which We Implement Functional Testing
Enterprise Applications (mobile/web)

eCommerce Solutions

B2B/B2C Web Portals

Our Approach to Functional Testing

Requirements analysis

Determination data for test

Planning test strategy development

Preparation of load infrastructure

Test execution (ISO 9001:2015)

Comparison and analysis of actual and expected results

Generating execution report

Test regression

What is functional testing in QA?

Functional testing is a quality assurance process based on test cases of the specifications of the software under test. Functional testing is performed to assess the conformity of the system to the specified functional requirements.

This type of testing can be implemented for a wide variety of solutions: you can implement web functional testing for your web application or site, as well as provide reliable verification of the functionality of your mobile application using mobile app functional testing.

What does functional testing include?

The functional testing process includes a series of tests: unit, integration, system, regression and acceptance. Tests are performed for each software function to determine its behavior using a combination of inputs that simulate normal operating conditions as well as intentional errors or anomalies.

What are the types of functional testing?

The goal of functional testing of software is to ensure that the software operates according to specifications and meets the expectations of end users. The apparent simplicity of the task should not detract from its real scale and multilevel approach. Different types of functional testing solutions are used in accordance with the specifics of the tested software and in different cases may have different priorities.

The most common types of functional testing are:

  1. Unit testing.
  2. Smoke testing.
  3. Integration testing.
  4. System testing.
  5. Sanity testing.
  6. White and black box testing.
  7. User acceptance testing.
  8. Regression testing.
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