ERP Testing Services We Offer

Functional Testing

Functional Testing

We check the correct functioning, accuracy and capabilities of each module of the ERP system to ensure that the application performs each function in accordance with expectations.

Compatibility Testing

Compatibility Testing

Our team conducts testing of ERP systems to check the ERP behavior in different versions of browsers, operating systems and mobile devices to ensure its correct operation and to avoid failures in key functions.

Performance Testing

Performance Testing

This test allows us to evaluate the speed, stability and scalability of the system at various user traffic intensities and help us optimize it for correct operation.

Integration Testing

Integration Testing

We combine individual modules in order to detect failures in their interaction: this helps to check the reliability, performance and functionality of their work as a whole.

ERP Testing Platforms
Tools We Use for ERP Testing
Solutions For Which We Implement ERP Testing
Customs ERP Systems

Cloud ERP Systems

Hybrid ERP Systems

Our Approach to ERP Testing

QA strategy, ERP test plan, test automation strategy and architecture design

ERP testing optimal tools selection and configuration

Test cases design and maintenance

Test automation scripts development and maintenance

Test environment setup and test data generation

Test execution and bugs fixing

What is an ERP test?

ERP testing is a quality assurance process designed to ensure that an ERP system is correctly implemented and operational prior to its full release. ERP testing can be carried out both manually and automatically. ERP testing can take many forms:

  1. Functional. Ensuring the correct operation of each ERP feature and the compliance of all functionality with the needs of the company.
  2. Performance. Testing the speed of operation and the ability of the system to withstand heavy loads.
  3. Integration. Guarantee of full integration of ERP into the systems where it should work.
  4. Security. Ensuring the security of sensitive data of authorized company personnel.
How important is testing for ERP implementation?

ERP application testing is very important because every company strives to customize the rules in ERP software in accordance with its policies, and for this it is necessary to ensure flawless functioning and scalability of the software. This requires extensive integration testing to ensure that the ERP system is configured according to the needs of the company.

How long does ERP testing take?

It all depends on the scale and complexity of the ERP, the size of the company, the expected concurrent users, the need for integration from legacy systems, and more. On average, the implementation of an ERP product takes from six months to 2 years. ERP software testing can take from a week to several months depending on the experience and size of the ERP testing company

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