Mangosoft is a reliable technical partner for SMBs and large companies that delivers high-quality software to meet their specific needs. Stay competitive and revolutionary in the market by taking advantage of our innovative IT solutions.

Staff Flexibility

Expand your team with specialists necessary for a specific project and save on training and onboarding

Quick Response & Turnaround Time

With our team, start working on a project immediately without downtime and delays and get an instant response to any of your requests

Reduced Hiring Costs

A dedicated team is your win-win investment and an absolute guarantee of successful software creation without extra costs

Close Cooperation on Long-Term Projects

Be fully confident in the proven competencies and background of a team that is aimed at long-term cooperation and is open to dialogue

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Key Advantages to Choose Mangosoft as a Team of Developers

Highly Scalable Team

Highly Scalable Team

Our HR managers and recruiters help our clients extend a software development team, conduct interviews to estimate the soft and hard skills of candidates for a project. So, if you look for overseas dedicated development teams, Mangosoft will be at hand for you.

In-House Project Control

In-House Project Control

We track, estimate, and review the progress of each software development project thoroughly. Our project managers control, report, and inform clients about the important results of a dedicated software development project.

Complete Access to Human Resources

Complete Access to Human Resources

Mangosoft has a team of software developers who can complete any type of client’s tasks despite its deadline, scope, and complexity. Mangosoft provides all necessary equipment to provide a dedicated development team for hire.

Professional Technology Expertise

Professional Technology Expertise

Our company has highly skilled developers with extensive experience working in dedicated software development teams, planning, launch, and functional assessment. Mangosoft has all programs and technology stack to complete any client’s requirements.

Transparent Hiring Process

Transparent Hiring Process

At Mangosoft, we have transparent direct communication between clients and offshore dedicated development teams. Once a job interview is done, our HR managers give direct and honest feedback about its results to candidates.

Agile Project Management

Agile Project Management

Our offshore development team is highly adaptable and well-organized. It means that we can meet any change in the client’s requirements and implement them in working processes easily thanks to thorough project planning and product road creation.

How we build TRUST WITH

Our capabilities

Thanks to our vast experience in providing dedicated development team services, we can openly talk about our capabilities and recruiting potential of various specialists depending on projects.
We can hire more than 30 employees per month for a client
It takes about 4-6 weeks to build a team for a new project
95%of Employees
At Mangosoft, 95% of employees successfully pass a probation period
LOOKING FOR SOFTWARE DEVELOPERS? Our recruiters will give you the extensive database of available developers with their CVs!
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With our transparent and well-optimized recruiting processes, you’ll always manage to hire dedicated development teams required to complete a project. We regularly update our database with talents who are skilled in new and advanced technologies.

There is an adaptation program for new employees creating comfortable working conditions. A psychology-savvy HR manager and tech mentor provide employees with all the necessary information and help build relationships with colleagues. Each employee has a resource manager responsible for career development, employee’s satisfaction, and motivation.

To match the company’s requirements with candidates’ qualifications, we established a hiring process with 3 levels of talent acquisition:

  • Interview with Recruiters and Advanced Testing
  • Interview with Technical Specialist + Delivery Team
  • Interview with the Client
  • Final approval and Offer Stage

Our recruiters work with an internal database of 60,000 candidates, job search sites and social networks to find the most suitable candidates for a particular job position and help you outsource dedicated software development teams.


Frequently Asked Questions
How long does it take to assemble a dedicated development team?
If you plan to resort to dedicated software development, then you need to know that the timing of the team gathering varies depending on the degree of client involvement in the team building process. Some choose to participate in all interviews and every candidate's resume. On average, the process can take from one week to a month.
How to get started on hiring a development team?
When working with an offshore dedicated development team, first of all, you need to specify your goals and requirements. Based on this information, specific people with certain expertise will be selected, and a development and delivery plan will be thought out.
What is the difference between using a dedicated development team and an outsourced team?
Both options involve collaboration with a remote team. The choice depends on what projects you plan to implement with the team.

By choosing to outsource tasks to dedicated software development teams and use dedicated development team services, you will get a team of specialists who work as if they were full-time employees of your company. This option is suitable if you have a long-term project and want to personally take part in the selection of developers and control their work.

An outsourcing team is more suitable for a short-term project or the completion of some unfinished business or a single task. An outsourcing company offers you a ready-made team or individual specialists who complete the specified tasks on time.
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