Independent Software Testing Services We Offer
Functional Testing

Functional Testing

Our experts verify that the functional characteristics of the product meet its specification and record any deviations.

Performance Testing

Performance Testing

Testing the speed, stability, responsiveness and overall performance of the software under a specific workload

Compatibility Testing

Compatibility Testing

We check how well the product works in the required environment, OS, hardware or network, and identify errors.

Localization Testing

Localization Testing

Here, a check is carried out for the correctness of the translation of the product into the target languages.

GUI Testing

GUI Testing

In the process of graphical user interface testing, we check the correctness of the work of all graphical elements of the product interface.

Usability Testing

Usability Testing

Our team examines the software architecture for ease of navigation and consistency in a specific environment and working conditions

Integration Testing

Integration Testing

This testing involves a combination of individual modules to verify that they are working correctly as a whole and performing all the required functions.

Regression Testing

Regression Testing

We check to see if changes in the product code during the testing processes affected the original functionality of the system.

Independent Software Testing Platforms
Tools We Use for Independent Software Testing
Solutions For Which We Implement Independent Software Testing
Mobile Applications

Web Applications

Desktop Applications

Cloud Solutions


Our Approach to Independent Software Testing

Analysis of requirements and acceptance criteria

Creating a test plan

Development of test scenarios and cases

Preparing data for test

Test execution

Generating system acceptance recommendations

What is independent testing?

Independent test services mean the involvement of an independent team that is not related to the software developer company, which implements a full and objective test of the product without bias

What type of testing is performed by an independent testing team?

Each independent testing company offers its range of software quality assurance services. Independent testing allows QA specialists to evaluate the real functionality of the product without being confused by the intentions of the developers. Typically independent software testing services include testing functionality, performance, compatibility, localization, usability, and more.

Why is an independent testing team required?

The services of an independent software testing company allow you to get an unbiased third-party opinion about your product. Testers evaluate the actual functionality of the software, not the desires and intentions of the developers, and pay attention to details that may seem obvious and may be overlooked by the project team.

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