Desktop Application Testing
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Functionality Testing

Functionality Testing

Our desktop testing experts test your app to meet its functional specifications and ensure that it runs smoothly by checking every feature.

Usability Testing

Usability Testing

Our QA engineers test the intuitiveness of the interface to ensure that it meets the requirements of users and is understandable for them.

Compatibility Testing

Compatibility Testing

Our team guarantees the smooth operation of your product in any OS, browsers and hardware and timely identification of weaknesses.

Performance Testing

Performance Testing

Here we test how your application performs during sustainable use, examine performance metrics, and identify scaling issues.

GUI Testing

GUI Testing

We check the correctness of the graphical interface of the application in accordance with its functionality and ease of navigation in it.

Integration Testing

Integration Testing

We combine the individual modules into a single whole and check how they work together to ensure the smooth functioning.

Desktop Application Testing Platforms
Tools We Use for Desktop Application
Solutions For Which We Implement Desktop Application Testing
Web Portals

SaaS Apps

Enterprise Solutions (ERP, CRM, SCM, HR, etc.)

Our Approach to Desktop Application Testing

Developing an automated testing strategy

Developing an automated testing strategy

Developing an automated testing strategy

Developing an automated testing strategy

Developing and maintaining tests

Results evaluation and reporting

What is desktop application testing?

Desktop app testing is a check for errors of a program that can be independently run on a computer in a specific operating system to perform a specific task that the end user needs. Desktop applications include, for example, text and graphic editors, media players, and so on.

What is the difference between desktop application and web application?

Web applications are based on the presence of the Internet: if it is, then they can be used on any device anywhere. Desktop applications can run without the Internet, but require certain hardware resources. They are more demanding and are usually built for specific configurations and environments, making them difficult to be compatible with other configurations and environments

What are the testing types for desktop testing?

Desktop tests check the functionality, usability, compatibility, and performance of an application. Also, when testing desktop applications, special attention must be paid to install and uninstall tests to fully meet the requirements.

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