Regression Testing Services We Offer

Functional Regression Testing

Functional Regression Testing

Our regression testing services ensure that recent changes, updates, or fixes do not affect key features of the software.

Automated Regression Testing

Automated Regression Testing

Our team uses automated tools to increase the stability, repeatability, and productivity of regression testing while saving time and resources.

Unit Regression Testing

Unit Regression Testing

This type of testing is implemented at the stage of unit testing of the product, when individual modules of the program source code are checked for correctness.

Progressive Regression Testing

Progressive Regression Testing

We make sure that all functions of the existing version of the product are safely transferred to the updated version.

Corrective Regression Testing

Corrective Regression Testing

We use this type of testing when no changes are made to the product specification and existing test cases can be reused.

End-to-End Regression Testing

End-to-End Regression Testing

Our experts select a comprehensive product testing strategy to verify its end-to-end functionality and performance.

Regression Testing Platforms
Tools We Use for Regression Testing
Solutions For Which We Implement Regression Testing
Mobile Applications

Web Applications

Desktop Applications

Cloud Solutions


Our Approach to Regression Testing

Analysis of requirements

Creating a test plan

Developing test cases

Test execution

Reporting results

Retesting the system

What is regression testing?

Regression testing is a set of tests designed to detect defects in areas of an application that have already been tested. This is done not in order to finally make sure that there are no bugs, but to find and fix regression errors. Regression errors are the same bugs, but they do not appear when writing a program, but when a new program section is added to an existing build or other bugs are fixed, which causes new defects to appear in an already tested product. The goal of QA regression testing is to make sure that fixing some bugs did not cause others to appear and that a build update did not create new defects in already tested code

Who does regression testing?

Regression testing is performed after the completion of functional testing to make sure that new and old pieces of software code work correctly. Security regression testing and other types of it are performed by a software quality assurance team within the developer's company or by a third-party team of testers hired using a freelance or outsourcing model.

What are the 3 techniques of regression testing?

There are three main types of regression:

  1. Unit. Each module is tested individually, in isolation from the others.
  2. Partial. Modules are tested in conjunction with unmodified or pre-existing code.
  3. Complete. The entire product is regressed completely to check for any changes due to changed or added code.
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