M-commerce Application Development

M-commerce Application Development

We develop mobile apps for any operating system - Apple iOS, Google Android, or Microsoft Windows. These apps can be native, web, or hybrid smoothly running on a mobile. By applying progressive Web Apps and AMP pages, we will make your app more competitive.

Web Shop Development & Migration

Web Shop Development & Migration

We have extensive expertise in custom ecommerce website development. Our developers help online business owners to configure, import, and organize their websites. Additionally, they will help you set up a website domain, payment providers, etc. We can migrate the website and database, both on a small and a large scale.

App Configuration & Customization

App Configuration & Customization

At Mangosoft, we help our clients to configure and customize ecommerce apps. Our products allow users to make changes in real time without redeployment. If you contact us, our developers will design custom ecommerce development solutions that are perfectly tailored to your needs.

UI/UX Design

UI/UX Design

Our company has professional designers who create converting websites for ecommerce stores. The user-friendly interfaces they create are designed to attract new clients and make your customers interact with your ecommerce platform. The team will guide you through each UI/UX stage and give you regular reports about key results.

Third-Party Software Integrations

Third-Party Software Integrations

Our custom ecommerce development solutions include online store web development with all the extra resources crucial for custom ecommerce software development - management and analytics software, CRM systems, and other options. We'll integrate the payment gateways used by your target audience.

Ecommerce Consulting

Ecommerce Consulting

Our custom ecommerce development company helps our clients improve their online businesses and increase revenues. Platform migration, support, and implementation are also services we offer. So, you can contact our experts, and they will gladly answer all of your questions.

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Key Advantages to Choose Mangosoft for ECOMMERCE OUTSOURCING


End-to-End Website Development & SUPPORT

We take on developing an online store from scratch and finish the job properly. Our team will meet your business model in custom ecommerce development services. We can migrate it to platforms with higher scalability and better functionalities. You'll get qualified support with all available ecommerce platforms!


Our Key Area of Expertise & Experience

Most customers choose our custom ecommerce development company in terms of expertise levels. We have brought together highly qualified and productive professionals with valuable experience in this field. Our specialists will develop and implement a unique business strategy to help you achieve a competitive advantage on the market.


AR/VR DEVELOPMENT at the highest level

Our company specializes in innovative VR/AR solutions to take your ecommerce web applications to a whole new level. We'll transform your business contributing to the customer experience. Our specialists design impressive visuals for Virtual and Augmented Reality, allowing users to engage with online products as if they were physically present.


Mangosoft's software solutions empower enterprises to thrive in a competitive market. Each solution targets a specific business challenge, providing effective problem-solving tools. Tackle today's obstacles with our expert team!

Ecommerce Platforms

Ecommerce Chatbots

AR & VR Retail Apps

M-commerce Apps

Big Data Analytics Software

Ecommerce Management Software

B2B/B2C Marketplaces

We have talented developers who can assist you in designing an online store on any ecommerce platform you prefer. We have experience in setting up various CSM systems, as well as using web constructors from scratch. Our business experts will help you decide which platform suits you most in terms of your requirements and demands.

Our company offers custom ecommerce development services in creating AI chatbots for ecommerce stores. We design products that feature personalized messages and recommendations, 24/7 customer support, product guidance, cart recovery, and more. Our chatbots are also highly secured and responsive to users.

We develop AR&VR retail apps that enhance the customer experience. They help business owners boost their brands and increase revenues. Thanks to 3D technology, your buyers will delve into an exciting shopping process that resembles real life. Big players like IKEA and Amazon have already implemented this solution, and you?

We also specialize in developing mobile commerce apps. We design products that will run smoothly on both iOS and Android platforms. Our team of developers and product designers will implement essential UI features, user flows, navigation, and many other functionalities that will increase your business’ sales.

Our developers apply Big Data to ecommerce app products. With the help of algorithms, you can foresee commercial trends, determine price breakdowns, predict demand, and personalize each customer’s experience. Additional benefits that Big Data brings to ecommerce businesses include an improved analysis of buyer behavior, customer service, etc.

At Mangosoft, we perform custom ecommerce application development by automating and optimizing workflows with CRM systems, CMS, ERP, and BMP. These programs store, process, and maintain a single database for a company. They also synchronize the activities of all departments: orders, production, warehouse, logistics, accounting, advertising, etc.

Our team is skilled in building complex online marketplaces for transactions in B2B/B2C models. We will carefully review all of your requirements and come up with the best custom ecommerce development solution for your business.

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At Mangosoft, we believe in win-win situations, where the entire project workflow is streamlined and adjusted to achieve the best results. That is why our company meets new technological challenges.


If you hesitate about customised ecommerce development services, our business analysts are at your service to make a data-driven decision. They will help you estimate the reasonability of potential software for your company based on exact numbers and hands-on experience.


Only after accurate estimates, we’ll take on work. We’ll stick to a specific tech stack to guarantee the promised project results. At Mangosoft, you won’t worry about product deployment - you’ll use it within the stated timeframes.


We don’t leave our clients to their own devices after the development process. We move to the stage when QA specialists ensure high-quality standards for software. We thoroughly check each product for all possible bugs, errors, and defects.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to develop a custom ecommerce application?

On average, custom ecommerce development can cost around $30,000 for an app. It is important to understand that the cost depends on the complexity of the application and the required functionality. A simpler custom ecommerce solution can cost around $7,000, while a more complex multi-tier application can cost over $50,000.

What are the benefits of creating custom ecommerce software?

Custom ecommerce software development is a great solution for growing your business. The advantage is that it can grow with your business. You can easily update it as your business updates. Also, custom e-commerce application development can be targeted for growth and scalability from the very beginning.

What is your ecommerce development process?

The best way to create a custom ecommerce solution is to contact a custom e-commerce development company with relevant experience. A team of specialists who have already been involved in the creation of similar applications will become your most reliable partner who will accurately understand your needs, carefully analyze the requirements, create a detailed work roadmap, and implement custom ecommerce software development in the best possible way.
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