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High-Volume Regression Testing

High-Volume Regression Testing

Our automated software testing company implements a regression test to detect bugs with delayed effects in already tested areas with a large amount of data and run sequences until a failure occurs or confirmation of its absence is received.

Performance Testing

Performance Testing

With this kind of automated testing services, we determine the scalability of an application or software by examining performance at high, extreme and stressful loads and measuring the execution time of selected operations.

Repeatable Functional Testing

Repeatable Functional Testing

If tests can be automated relatively easily, are reusable and rarely changed, our automation testing company provides automatic execution of basic functions and test steps to validate functional requirements and the application under test.

Data Warehouse Testing

Data Warehouse Testing

We provide automated testing services to create tests to check a large amount of frequently transformed data from heterogeneous sources and the peculiarities of the functioning of software in case of potential failures, hacks and loads.

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Enterprise Applications (mobile/web)

eCommerce Solutions

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Our Approach to Automated Testing

In test automation services, we take a proven approach based on the type and scale of the solution being tested, which makes it easy to find even the most subtle and hidden bugs.

Developing automated testing strategy

Preparing test environment

Designing test cases

Developing and maintaining tests

Results evaluation and reporting

What are automation testing services?

Testing automation services are the use of special software and tools to implement and control the testing procedure. This type of testing helps automate recurring tasks, simulate a large number of users, and use the same test scenarios many times when updating a project, which saves a lot of time. Automation testing companies also successfully eliminate the human error factor with this type of testing.

When deciding on the implementation of automated testing, it should be borne in mind that, although the automated testing procedure itself is much faster than the manual testing procedure, the time for the development of an autotest itself will always be longer than the time for implementing manual tests. Also, automated testing requires more qualified and highly respected specialists who own the appropriate tools.

The following factors indicate the need for test automation:

  • a large number of manual tests and a lack of time for regular full regression;
  • a large percentage of missing errors due to the fault of the human factor;
  • a long period of time between the introduction of an error, its detection and correction;
  • preparation for testing (configuration and generation of test data) takes a lot of time;
  • large teams that need to be sure that new code won't break other developers' code;
  • support for old software versions in which new patches and service packs need to be tested.

To automate testing, you should adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. Determine what you want from autotests. Do you want to optimize costs, offload manual testers, or increase test coverage? Check regularly if automation is helping you achieve your goal. Also, the goal allows you to determine what exactly to automate and what to do first.
  2. Calculate the ROI of autotests regularly and collect metrics accordingly. This allows you to find out if you really need autotests and, if necessary, adjust the automation plan.
  3. Analyze how many autotests you need. And how often will you need to write new ones and update old ones. Perhaps it is more profitable for you to immediately outsource automation and pay only for the work performed. While the hired employee will sit around after completing the bulk of the work at the start of the project.
  4. Determine what you want to see in the reports. Their usefulness and your degree of trust in this tool depend on this. We recommend that you find a balance between the minimum and maximum data, so that autotests are useful, but do not eat up your resources. The information collected should be useful. Experienced outsourcing automation engineers can advise you on what should be in the report.
  5. Make sure that testers understand what the autotest does exactly. Only in this way, after the crash, can the script be rechecked manually. Create clear step-by-step instructions. If you have outsourced this task to a company that has both manual testers and automation engineers, ask them for such instructions. Just in case, maybe you will need to check it yourself.
  6. Do not trust the initial stage of automation to the junior programmer. Do not forget that autotests are the same software product as everyone else. The developer's classification depends on efficiency, correctly built architecture and ease of updating.
  7. Stick to the automated testing pyramid. Create a large number of low-volume autotests (for example, API) and fewer high-volume UI tests.
Is automation testing in demand?

Test automation companies always have a large number of orders for testing implementation. Automation testing is in demand due to its many advantages:

  1. Speed. In any case, automated testing services are implemented faster than manual testing: people get tired, but the program doesn't.
  2. Continuity. Autotests can work around the clock: they run on schedule and check the required number of times without lunch breaks.
  3. Scale. Automation helps to model the behavior of a large number of users.
  4. Versatility. Autotests can easily and quickly test the functionality of the software under test at different settings in different environments.
  5. Saving time. Automation frees testers from routine and takes on the test of basic functionality.
  6. Budget savings. Proper implementation of autotests saves testing costs.

If the autotest does not need reanimation and constant updating, then it works almost free of charge. Therefore, it is very important to calculate the ROI of automation and do it regularly. The best option is to analyze the ROI of test automation before starting the project. Then it will be clear to you for sure whether it makes sense to implement automated testing.

How much does it cost to avail of automated software testing services?

Software test automation services require constant engineering resources to maintain and update existing tools. Pricing in automated testing companies may vary by region: in the US, QA automation testing services cost from $ 100 to $ 150 per hour, while in Eastern Europe the same testing services will cost from $ 30 to $ 50 per hour.

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