DevOps Managed Services Services We Offer

Software Build Automation

Software Build Automation

Build automation is a one-step move from source code to distribution package, creating a set of artifacts that can be quickly deployed to any server: this happens automatically on a schedule or at each commit in source control.

Monitoring and Backup

Monitoring and Backup

Our professional and seasoned DevOps engineers will provide comprehensive support and minimize downtime, and backups will ensure that infrastructure can be quickly restored with low losses in case of unforeseen problems.

Infrastructure Migration to Cloud

Infrastructure Migration to Cloud

Our managed DevOps team with a large track record and deep knowledge ensures a reliable and stable migration while keeping the system working, checking its compatibility with the cloud, and fixing limits on the amount of RAM.

Cloud Infrastructure Support

Cloud Infrastructure Support

In our work, we use the most modern and efficient virtualization and containerization tools and platforms and organize the deployment of cloud infrastructures with control over: data privacy, internal threats, and separation of rights.

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Benefits of DevOps Managed Services


Access to Cloud-Native Expertise


No Infrastructure or Staffing Investments


Project Management by the Service Provider

Technologies We Use in Legacy Software Modernization

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How We Work on DevOps Managed Services

At Mangosoft, we build value-adding solutions for many verticals and business domains to successfully implement digital ideas, maximize the value of software investments, and address critical business needs. Each time we go through the entire working process that produces valuable results for our clients.

Planning & Projecting

At this stage, we collect requirements and determine the business value of the product, which helps to prepare in advance to track the most common problems and establish project management.

Implementing & Testing

Our team manages software builds and versions, uses up-to-date automation tools suitable for the product, and performs code quality testing. At the same time, we also manage the software during operation.

Delivering & Monitoring

At the last stage of providing devops managed services, we analyze the work done, collect information about the identified problems that arose during operation, and develop a continuous process improvement plan.

Frequently Asked Questions
What are managed services in DevOps?
DevOps managed services is a classic combination of continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) at every stage of product delivery. The purpose of the process is to know that the project is running smoothly and updates are flowing, accumulated, and tracked.
How to choose the right company for DevOps management?
To select a good DevOps managed service provider, you first need to clearly define your requirements and expectations. Think about timelines, key performance indicators, and your preferred reporting scheme.

It is important not to be fooled by low prices. DevOps developers are not a category of specialists who will provide high-quality work for a low price. If a DevOps managed service provider is willing to work for a minimal fee that is significantly lower than others, most likely the work will not be done at the level you expect.

Look for a provider with a good portfolio and relevant experience in risk and project management. Make sure that the DevOps managed service provider is familiar with the best technologies available in the market, and does not use one set of tools for all projects.

Another aspect to consider as a trusted DevOps managed service provider is its adherence to security standards and procedures. Make sure the company you choose to provide managed DevOps services knows and understands security procedures and practices. Each country's rules and regulations differ regarding property rights, trademarks, patents, and more. Therefore, your business partner must be aware of the legal protection laws established by the government of your country.
What makes a good DevOps experience?
Good DevOps experience is high speed of implementation and delivery, impressive development flexibility, consistently high level of security, high-quality integration, and continuity of delivery.

An experienced DevOps engineer must have certain skills, or rather a whole set of skills, which include:

  1. Knowledge of and ability to work with Cloud Automation for DevOps (platforms such as Azure, AWS, GCP, etc.).
  2. System administration skills, including experience managing operating systems such as Linux or Windows.
  3. Working knowledge of automation tools and technologies such as Puppet, Chef, Jenkins, Ansible, Kubernetes, Docker, Nagios, and Infrastructure as a Code.
  4. Solid knowledge of various programming languages: PHP, Python, Perl, and Ruby. At least one primary programming language, such as C++.
  5. The use of source code control (Version Control System), for example, using GIT.
  6. Knowledge of task management software such as Jira, Trello, or Gemini. Ability to diagnose and resolve technical issues in test and production environments.
  7. Sufficient experience with IT equipment, setting up servers and storage systems, and monitoring network devices (via Nagios and Raygun).
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