IT Infrastructure Management Services We Offer

IT Infrastructure Architecture Design

IT Infrastructure Architecture Design

Whether through a comprehensive audit of your existing architecture or based on your desire to create it from scratch, we identify the right technologies and implement the necessary innovations and service schemes into your business to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

IT Infrastructure Migration

IT Infrastructure Migration

Our IT infrastructure services will include the ability to implement fast and reliable cloud migration with a high level of automation: this will help make the use of resources simpler, more efficient, and mobile, optimize the IT infrastructure, and significantly reduce the risks of service downtime.

IT Infrastructure Maintenance and Support

IT Infrastructure Maintenance and Support

We implement professional IT infrastructure support, which includes management and software maintenance services: our team is responsible for organizing, configuring, and maintaining hardware and software, which ensures a high level of information security due to the constant updating of anti-virus databases.

Benefits of IT Infrastructure Management


Operational Improvement

IT infrastructure solutions, including management and optimization, allow you to access advanced methodologies, tools, and technologies that provide solutions to pressing IT issues and guarantee significant savings in time and resources.


Increased Performance

Deep IT infrastructure consultancy services pave the way for the creation of an extended roadmap for building an effective system that allows you to apply the best strategic decisions to quickly respond to emerging technological challenges and constraints.


Enhanced Security

Timely optimization of the system guarantees a high level of security in the IT infrastructure and all its components and processes: managed IT infrastructure services ensure that all possible risks are quickly identified and any problems are eliminated.

Technologies We Use in IT Infrastructure Management

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How We Work on IT Infrastructure Management

At Mangosoft, we build value-adding solutions for many verticals and business domains to successfully implement digital ideas, maximize the value of software investments, and address critical business needs. Each time we go through the entire working process that produces valuable results for our clients.


To begin with, we analyze the current state of your IT infrastructure. This includes assessing the quality of all components and resources involved in managing your workspaces. We carefully examine software and networking, hardware, storage, and databases.


At this stage, our managed IT infrastructure services unfold into the implementation of the planned strategy and the chosen management model. We start from your preferences and goals to provide IT infrastructure optimization and security.


Monitoring IT infrastructure is just as important as building and optimizing it, so you can always count on us to provide the support you need. Our team will respond to any of your requests and guarantee continuous automated testing of all working components.

Frequently Asked Questions
What does IT infrastructure management include?
IT infrastructure management includes the management of IT processes, equipment, data, human resources, and third parties that ensure smooth and efficient operations. Companies that manage IT infrastructure typically offer this division: network management, storage management, and systems management.
What is the most important part of IT infrastructure management?
It cannot be said that one component of IT infrastructure management is more important than another. It is important to ensure the harmonious management of all elements. However, one of the critical issues is the issue of security, so it is given special attention when outsourcing IT infrastructure cases.
What are the challenges of managing IT infrastructure?
Even if you choose IT infrastructure outsource, you need to be aware of the challenges that you can expect along the way of infrastructure modernization:

  1. Legacy devices. This is one of the main problems in upgrading since such devices cannot be integrated with modern software.
  2. Lack of integration. More often than not, an IT infrastructure is a hodgepodge of features and technologies provided by different vendors, each with their own software.
  3. Increasing complexity. Modern IT infrastructure schemes are not always clear and accessible to people used to old options, and sometimes engineers do not have the technology to adapt to advanced intelligent systems.
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