Celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2020, Java continues to hold its position in the top five most popular programming languages. At the time of this writing, it is in 3rd place according to the Tiobe index and has a market share of about 33%. Take any tech giant – Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, Google – and you can easily spot Java in the technology stack they use to build software.

What Kind Of Projects Can Be Provided With Java

Java is everywhere – it is a powerful tool to help build mobile apps, websites, social networks, streaming platforms, chatbots, AI, big data, AR/VR, and more. Compared to other programming languages, Java has better application security, adaptability, and application scalability. Many open source tools for monitoring and updating data are created in Java. For example, Netflix uses Java to both develop infrastructure on Linux and encode video on Windows machines.

In this article, we list 10 top Java development companies that offer high-quality services to clients around the world.

Selection Methodology

To choose the top Java companies for you, we performed a detailed analysis on Clutch, a reputable and trustworthy B2B software developer review platform.

According to information provided by Clutch, over 6,200 Java studios around the world offer their services in creating software, websites, applications, and more using Java. In order to make a representative and objective sample, we singled out solution providers with the highest ratings according to the following criteria:

  1. A large number of reviews about Java development confirming the high quality of Java expertise.
  2. Compliance with key security standards: ISO, GDPR, and PCI DSS.
  3. More than 5 years of experience in developing software and applications for various industries in Java.
  4. Case studies of completed Java projects in the public domain with a description of the delivered solutions and value for the client.
  5. A team of 250+ highly qualified professionals with the ability to scale to support larger projects.
  6. Java projects account for at least 20% of the software development services offered by the company.

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Featured List of 10 Best Java Development Companies

1. Mangosoft

Top 10 Java Development Companies - 1

This is a software development company with over 6 years of experience in IT outsourcing, located in the center of Eastern Europe. 70% of the staff are middle and senior managers.

 The line of services includes the creation of classic software solutions, as well as areas such as AI and machine learning, big data, AR/VR, blockchain, and DevOps. Technological expertise is represented by .Net, Node.js, Python, PHP, and of course Java.

Creating software solutions in industries such as fintech, e-commerce, mobile banking, healthcare, and more, the company delivered more than 250 projects in more than 30+ countries – the USA, Canada, the UK, etc. Most of these are large projects aimed to accelerate digital transformation and reduce operating costs.

Among the company’s clients, one can see both market leaders like TouchPress, Electronic Arts, and EBRD, as well as representatives of medium-sized and small businesses. 90% of customers are ready to recommend the company as a reliable technology partner.

Top 10 Java Development Companies - 2

Rely on our Java expertise and get a solution that will take your business to the next level: high quality and tangible improvements guaranteed.

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2. ScienceSoft

Top 10 Java Development Companies - 3

It is an American IT consulting and software development company with over 32 years of experience in the market. It has the necessary expertise and technology to create a wide range of Java applications: CRM, ERP, CMS, websites, web portals, and more. The company also offers Java SaaS development for large and mid-sized enterprises and startups, as well as Java migration and end-to-end Java product development.

The company is on the list of top Java companies also thanks to the recognition of independent organizations: Ernst and Young, TechReviewer.com, and Forrester mark it as a reliable partner. A great contribution to the development of clients’ business ensured the company’s place in the IAOP Global Outsourcing 100 and Americas’ Fastest-Growing Companies 2022.

Notable ScienceSoft clients are companies such as Viber, IBM, and eBay. The industries the company works with include healthcare, banking, e-commerce, oil and gas, and others.

3. Future Processing

Top 10 Java Development Companies - 4

A large Polish technology consultancy and software delivery company, Future Processing offers services such as software product development, AI and ML consulting and solution delivery, cloud consulting, migration, and modernization, as well as work with cybersecurity projects.

The large pool of software developers includes .NET and Java professionals. The company has a solid track record of working with 200 clients worldwide on 600+ projects. A separate page with Java case studies allows you to learn more about the solutions that Future Processing has delivered to its clients in the fields of insurance, transport, marketing, and fintech.

The company has been ranked Top Web & Software Developers in Poland by Clutch 5 times and has been a Microsoft partner for 15 years.

4. Intetics Inc.

Top 10 Java Development Companies - 5

It is an American technology company providing custom software application development, software quality assessment, and digital solutions using AI/ML, blockchain, IoT, RPA, SMAC, and GIS/UAV/LBS technologies.

A feature of the company among other top Java development companies is its ability to implement software products in conditions of incomplete specifications. It has extensive experience in areas such as insurance, education, logistics, healthcare, communications, life sciences, and finance.

As a partner of companies such as Amazon and UiPath, Intetics has put a lot of effort into innovation and has earned many prestigious awards: Deloitte Fast 500, Best European BPO, Software 500, as well as a place in the IAOP Best Global Outsourcing 100 list.

5. Deviniti

Top 10 Java Development Companies - 6

Another Polish representative in our top Java development companies is another confirmation of the highest software development expertise presented in Eastern Europe. This IT company has been operating on the market for more than 18 years and has already delivered 500+ successful projects to 5 thousand clients from 50 countries. The 30 products created by Deviniti are used by 5+ million people worldwide.

The company is actively engaged in the creation of solutions for digital transformation, websites, mobile applications, custom software, cloud services, consulting, and more. Java is one of the key technologies used by the company.

Among Deviniti’s partners, one might see Atlassian, Google, and Gitlab. The main industries are telecommunications, banking, fintech, and logistics.

5. Solvd Inc.

Top 10 Java Development Companies - 7

An international company with offices in the US, Ukraine, and Poland, Solvd Inc. has over 11 years of experience in software development and quality assurance.

A large team of 600+ people is open to cooperation with both startups and medium-sized and large businesses on projects of various sizes. The company’s services include software and mobile application development, MVP creation, testing and quality assurance, AR/VR development, and consulting services.

320+ completed projects by clients in e-commerce, fitness, fintech, transportation, healthcare, and other niches have made the company a name among major global companies such as Under Armour, MyFitnessPal, and Nerd Wallet.

6. Yalantis

Top 10 Java Development Companies - 8

A Ukrainian IT consulting and software development company with over 13 years of experience in the market, Yalantis has several development centers in Europe and more than 500 experts.

The company’s technical expertise is quite wide: SaaS development, mobile applications, blockchain, UI and UX design, cybersecurity, ML and AI, big data, cloud and DevOps, IoT, and more. Many large corporations trust their projects to Yalantis: Toyota Tsusho Corporation, Bosch, and Zillow.

The company serves industries such as fintech, healthcare, logistics, telecommunications, and real estate. A large list of implemented projects with a detailed description of the delivered solutions allows anyone to get acquainted with the approach and methodologies of Yalantis in more detail.

7. Altoros

Top 10 Java Development Companies - 9

An American custom software solutions company, Altoros has a large enough staff of 400+ employees to select the optimal technology stack for different needs. More than 90% are middle and senior engineers, and 30% are focused on R&D activities.

The core areas of expertise of the team are custom software, cloud development, blockchain solutions, technology consulting, AI and ML, and legacy systems modernization. Altoros cooperates with the world’s leading suppliers of various technologies: Siemens, Revere, Etherisc, and others.

The team works with a large number of industries and has examples of work in each of them: fintech, sports, media and telecommunication, logistics, healthcare, retail, education, construction, e-commerce, oil and gas, and many others. Anyone can get acquainted with examples of work, sorting them both by industry and by the stack of technologies used.

8. Intellias

Top 10 Java Development Companies - 10

This is a large Ukrainian company with more than 1,000 employees that are actively engaged in the digital transformation of businesses around the world. Deep expertise has made Intellias a reliable partner for the world’s leading brands: Siemens, Deloitte, KIA, and others.

The company is engaged in the creation of projects in the fields of cybersecurity, data engineering, cloud solutions, IoT, RPA, DevOps, ML and AI, and also blockchain. Industries covered are automotive, fintech, agriculture, transportation, telecom and media, and others. A detailed case study section provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the stories of cooperation with companies from different industries and find out what projects were developed with Java.

Intellias is ranked top in the Global Outsourcing 100 list by IAOP, Inc. 5000 and also recognized by Forbes and GSA UK Awards. For 20 years on the market, the company has delivered high-quality solutions to more than 100 partners around the world and has become the Ernst & Young national top choice for IT professionals.

9. Spire Digital

Top 10 Java Development Companies - 11

With over 21 years of experience in the market, US-based Spire Digital is part of Kin+Carta and is engaged in digital product creation, strategic consulting, software development, DevOps, and user interface design for the world’s leading clients.

Spire Digital helps startups and large enterprises implement web, mobile, blockchain, AI, and AR/VR solutions. The industries the company deals with include agriculture, fintech, manufacturing, healthcare, insurance, retail, and others.

The company offers for consideration a huge portfolio of completed projects with convenient filters for the services provided or industry. By studying them, one can learn how experts apply their knowledge, in particular Java, to deliver the desired solutions.

10. N-iX

Top 10 Java Development Companies - 12

It is one of the largest European software development service providers with over 1000 experts. N-iX boasts partnerships with 30 large enterprise organizations including Fortune 500 companies.

The wide range of services includes software and mobile application development, big data, cloud solutions, software testing, game development, VR, and consulting. The industries the company has worked with include healthcare, fintech, logistics, energy, and retail.

The reliability and expertise of N-iX have paved the way for them to receive many awards: AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, Microsoft Gold Partner, Google Cloud Partner, and others. The company’s website has a large section with success stories and descriptions of collaborations with clients from different industries.

Java Specialist Rates: Fast Worldwide Overview

Our list of the best Java development companies includes representatives from Ukraine, Poland, US, and Malta. Let’s take a look at the average hourly rates for Java specialists in these regions so that you have a rough idea of the potential budget for your project.



Java developer


Rate information is based on data from job portals Glassdoor, Salary Explorer, and Indeed.

With a significant difference in the rates of American and European specialists, there is no difference in quality. Moreover, many leading companies in the world prefer to outsource the development of software solutions to European companies knowing about the professionalism of local specialists.

How To Choose The Most Competent Company 

Choosing the best of the best is always quite difficult. Therefore, in order to select the optimal partner among the best Java development companies, you should follow the following recommendations:

  1. Make sure that the providers you are interested in have experience in your industry.
  2.  Find out if the company has the necessary human and technical resources to implement your project.
  3. Request a rough project estimate to make sure it matches your project budget.
  4. Learn more about project delivery times and factors that may affect development progress and speed.
  5. Ask the company for information on the established work procedure, communication rules, and project management methodologies used.

You can also explore the list of Top Software Companies in Eastern Europe or read the review of Top IT Outsourcing Companies in Ukraine. Software developers from Eastern Europe are known for their deep technical backgrounds, and professional Ukrainian specialists are often involved in the development of advanced products for leading companies around the world.

Why Choose Mangosoft to Deliver Perfect Java Solutions

The best Java development companies have many years of experience in developing software and web applications using Java. We have compiled for you an exhaustive list of service providers ready for various challenges and projects of any scale and complexity. After reviewing this list of top 10 Java development companies, you will be able to more easily shortlist the most suitable partners and start cooperation without fear of uncertainty.

As one of the top Java companies, Mangosoft is ready to prove its expertise in practice: more than 10 years of experience in Java development make us a reliable partner that can deliver a solution of any scale and complexity. Our large team consists of middle and senior developers to guarantee the first-class quality of the products we create.

Java is one of the key technologies that we deeply understand and use to implement projects in industries such as:

  • E-commerce
  • Fintech
  • Mobile banking
  • Logistics
  • Media and advertising
  • Healthcare

Using Java, we create large enterprise solutions for our clients: for example, a document management system that optimizes processes in a bank, as well as a customer request management system that manages various channels through which clients make service requests. Our deep expertise and understanding of the goals and needs of clients allow us to not only deliver the required solutions, but also bring real value to the client’s business backed up by specific improvement metrics.

Feel free to contact us for detailed advice regarding your project.