Java is still a dominant programming language in the developer landscape worldwide – 58% of the organizations use Java for their web development projects. The supply is surpassing the demand for highly-knowledgeable specialists in Java that causes a large gap on the market. Today’s tech-driven business world requires many companies to have a great developer on a team. However, the mission to hire the best Java developers for specific needs isn’t so simple as it may seem to be at first glance. The effective steps in this hiring process allow to be at the head of the field and achieve success quickly. Be sure all of them are stated in this article. So, let’s look at what you should do to find the best Java developers today.

When it comes to outsourcing Java talents, it is certainly vital to consider some important aspects – education, knowledge and skills, experience. Check the box below what your candidate has or hasn’t.

  • Technical qualifications in Computer Science or related disciplines. It is difficult to pick sides when you don’t know where and what a candidate has studied. But some credentials can be easily added to resumes without any further verification. For that reason, pass on the next point to find out more about an applicant.
  • Solid fundamental knowledge of Java (algorithms, data structures, concurrency, etc.)So, if you aren’t sure or want to be completely sure about the professional qualifications, it is better to examine the knowledge on the subject.
  • Experience in developing Java projects. It would be great if a candidate had a proven record of working on some projects related to Java. But it isn’t always obligatory for all to have work experience in the company. It can be work on own projects (that should be also assessed accordingly if they are provided).
  • The ability to use Java project technologies and frameworks (e.g. Angular, React, CSS preprocessors, Hibernate, Spring, etc.)After you check the theoretical base of a candidate or look at some samples of work with Java, you can move to solve some practical problems. No, no, no… you don’t have to deal with anything. Just take a test to check all the abovementioned in a real-case scenario.
  • A passion for making great software. Today when most developers are highly paid and well-recognized, everyone wants to become Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, or Steve Jobs. Do you remember who were these guys? They were simply passionate about what they were doing – they intended to create something significant for the society. So, the most suitable candidate should be obsessed with software development to produce great results in the work position.
  • Effective communication skills. Do you speak to a candidate but no meaningful response is heard? Right, it isn’t natural for developers to speak a lot – they all are devoted to their computers, programs, codes and all the world will be waiting for their attention. But if candidates can’t express their ideas cogently and with clarity, think twice to offer a job to such people. Nevertheless, it isn’t the first point to pay attention to while sorting out Java developers. But still, set eyes on it, especially if you want a specialist to communicate directly to customers.

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The needs to find one or another specialist may vary depending on the type of projects you run in Java (Android development, web application, ERP/CRM, etc.) and industries (banking, e-commerce, fintech, logistics, media, etc.) Each developer can use concrete technologies to work on each particular project besides a programming language, Java:

  • Servlet extends the capabilities of a web server;
  • JavaServer Pages (JSP) helps create dynamically generated web pages based on HTML, XML, or other document types;
  • Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) connects and executes the query of a client with the database;
  • Java Persistence API (JPA) allows to keep and manage Java objects/classes in a relational database;
  • Java.SQL accesses and processes data stored in a data source;
  • Redis supports different kinds of abstract data structures and many other technologies relevant to Java.

The choice of the necessary framework in Java has a far-reaching impact on the quality, cost, and speed of development for a business project. Among what to choose? Here you are the list of Java frameworks used today:

  • Spring creates a comprehensive programming model for any Java application on any kind of deployment platform;
  • Hibernate allows a developer to work with database tables in the form of Java classes;
  • Vaadin provides a server-oriented architecture to build web applications;
  • Grails involves coding by convention for a stand-alone development environment without configuration details;
  • JUnit implements unit testing in Java to accelerate programming speed and increase the quality of code.

5 Possible Ways to Find a Java Developer

To help you with recruiting Java developers, the following list of top 5 ways is offered to you. Choose any of the ways suitable for you and go on working on the project successfully with the expert in IT.

1. Services of Outstaffing/Outsourcing IT Companies

If you are interested in spending less time on the search for a team of Java developers, you can find many companies that are at your service on the web. There are many professional teams that provide high-quality IT services all over the world. It is better to entrust your IT projects to professionals and concentrate on the most important business issues. For example, Mangosoft provides cost-efficient solutions based on Java development for almost all types of businesses (fintech, e-commerce, logistics, etc.) But what to consider while looking for outsourcing or outstaffing services?

  • The reputation of a service provider. Find enough time to check the opinion that people have about each particular company. The easiest way to check it is to visit some review sites or the website of a company itself. In several clicks, you can find out everything about an organization. Without any doubt, you’ll find the better part of positive testimonials – marketing strategies work well. Usually, top companies have some success stories to share with potential customers and reflect credit on their work. Alternatively, you can contact any of these clients to make sure about the company’s reputation.
  • The credibility of a company. Again, with the reference to the website of the organization, you can check out if it is worth to trust your own business project to these people or not. A lot of detailed information should be on the site – what services are offered, in what ways, and so on. Take a good look at a company’s website – if there is any address or any other contact information. It may be an alarm bell if there is no contact.

If you don’t not which software development company to choose for outsourcing , consider the articles we have prepared with the detailed overview – List of TOP Software Development Companies in Europe.

2. Online Freelancing Platforms

Most people prefer to work with freelancers – employment-at-will, financial savings on in-house offices, unlimited geography to find specialists, and so on. Many companies choose freelancing services for their projects. If you are one of those who want to sort out specialists on your own and collaborate with them under the most appropriate conditions, you’re welcome to visit websites like Indeed, Toptal, Upwork, Fiverr, etc.

If you want to find the best developer on a freelancing basis, you should apply all the hiring practices mentioned in this article. Moreover, cooperating with freelancers on online safe platforms guarantees that your money is protected from frauds. Most of today’s global freelancing platforms guarantee the safety of both employers and employees. So, register only on 100% secure websites.

3. Services of an IT Recruiter

If there are some troubles with the search of proper candidates on the position of a Java developer, don’t waste time anymore. Many recruiting companies specializing in finding software development specialists can help out. As a rule, recruiters don’t only find the necessary expert you’re looking for, they conduct an effective interview instead of you and fill permanent job positions in your company. After sorting out the best ones, you’re offered to speak to them (if needed). This option isn’t free (a fee of 25%-50% from the first salary of a candidate), but it is worth a try if you are looking for the best Java developers.

4. Attend Hackathons or Other Tech Events

It is a popular programming event where software developers come together to solve some IT challenges. So, skilled Java developers are easily found during these workshops as they demonstrate their knowledge and skills. Usually, participants form groups of 2-5 people, take their laptops, and plunge into solving various problems. What is an upcoming hackathon? Fortunately, the Internet is full of many sites and platforms that can help you find the most interesting events. Try a website like or to find hackathons near you.

5. Visit sites like LinkedIn, GitHub, AngelList or StackOverflow

If you own a business, it is recommended to network with people on the same wavelength with you or those who are opinion leaders. You can find such professionals on various networking platforms with millions of users around the world. As you can imagine, it’s quite possible to find someone in the required field to develop projects using Java. Truly speaking, all that takes time and energy, but don’t give up in despair – go on and you’ll certainly hire the best Java developer on your team and implement any idea in real life!

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How to Hire Java Developers – 5 Simple Steps

The whole hiring process is divided into several stages – from finding candidates to sending a job offer to them. It is crucial to follow all the steps mentioned below:

  1. Specify the requirements for a job position beforehand. You can’t start recruiting or hunting workers without predefined requirements. The simple words, “I need to have this project executed” aren’t appropriate for this situation. All the demands and needs must be defined in advance based on the area of specialization, business strategies, and other points.
  2. Advertise a vacancy on popular job platforms. Keep in mind the straight sense of the word “advertise” and tell the public about a job position so that most specialists would like to consider it. You shouldn’t promise the moon (but if you can promise it, you’re welcome – most candidates will be hooked). We recommend making as many announcements that a job is available as possible. Post a vacant position on different job boards like Crunchboard, Indeed, or Glassdoor. The chances to find a professional are increased in this way.
  3. Consider a resume attentively. After the job posting is done, wait for many resumes in your email. So, your task is to study each of these resumes and make the right decision – what candidate is more suitable for your project. Pay close attention to each point given in a document – education, certifications, experience, skills, etc. Underline those points that are unclear or needed to be discussed in detail.
  4. Conduct an effective job interview. Is anyone shortlisted in your mind? It is to ask some questions you may have to find out if this candidate is suitable for the job. During an interview, it is vital to effectively evaluate an interviewee. How to do it? Ask insightful questions, a kind of “How would you do if…?” Put the applicant’s skills to the test. For example, ask to write a little code or a simple program based on some standards. The quality is paramount, but it is better to stick to timeframes.
  5. Weigh up all the candidates. Don’t rush to hire the first Java developer who has an impressive resume or passes all the interview stages. Take the time to ensure you find the best specialist based on the selection criteria. Come back to the job description and look it through again. If you hesitate to judge the candidate’s abilities on your own, consult other specialists in the field. After that, feel free to send an offer to a candidate.

Average Salaries of Java Developers

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Are you wondering how much money needed to pay to a Java developer for the job? According to PayScale, the average salary of a Java developer is $73,754 per year. The compensation depends on the qualification levels of a Java developer (entry-level, junior, middle or senior).

Qualification Levels
(Average Salary)
Key Requirements
Entry-Level Java Developer

($58,881 per year)

  • Associate Degree or Certificate in Computer Science or related disciplines;
  • 0-2 years’ experience working on Java projects
Junior Java Developer 

($69,116 per year)

  • Associate Degree or Certificate in Computer Science or related disciplines;
  • 1+ year real experience in Java
Mid-Level Java Developer

($82,994 per year)

  • Associate Degree or Certificate in Computer Science or related disciplines;
  • 3-6 years of relevant experience
Senior Java Developer

($119,365 per year)

  • Associate Degree or Certificate in Computer Science or related disciplines;
  • 5-7 Java development experience

Well, if the salary of a Java developer depends on the qualification level of a specialist, what salaries are offered at each level? Below, we ran the numbers and identified the requirements for a job are stated in detail. Examine the table to be well-informed about the question – how much do Java developers earn today?

Entry-Level Java Developer Salary

Without previous experience in IT, it is almost impossible for a Java specialist to reach the highest salary level. In this case, many IT companies offer trainee positions during 3-5 months to practice their theoretical knowledge, maybe, learn some new techniques, tools. For this practical Java programming, they can get such annual salaries as from $46,000 to $60,000.

Based on job offerings for entry-level Java developers, the requirements are as follows:

  • Being currently enrolled in a Master’s degree program or get a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related technical field;
  • Experience in the programming language – Java;
  • Experience with data structures, databases, algorithms, etc.

Junior Java Developer Salary

The next level of Java developer qualifications is that when there is some hands-on experience with programming in Java that allows performing technical assignments almost without outside assistance. The rates vary from $60,000 to $76,000.

A certain set of competencies can increase the final payment for the job:

  • A course degree in Computer Science or a related technical field;
  • 1+ years of experience in Java programming and the associated development techniques;
  • Full understanding of developing Java-based software;
  • Extensive experience with the project development using Java and corresponding frameworks;
  • The ability to work in a team.

Middle Java Developer Salary

At the middle level, a Java developer is supposed to provide effective tech solutions without any help. Just after seeing all the requirements and technical tasks, a specialist is supposed to complete it independently. How much money do they get? The rates start from $50,000 rise to $103,000.

With each level, the rates increase. As a result, the demands rise as well:

  • A course degree in Computer Science or a related technical field;
  • 3+ proficiency in Java, with a good knowledge of its infrastructure;
  • Solid understanding of Java programming and testing;
  • Experience with analyzing the interface design, using database structures, etc.;
  • The ability to resolve most technical issues.

Senior Java Developer Salary

This level is meant for a developer to be the most significant one as everyone is eager to achieve it and get higher salaries. Usually, they range from $73,000 to $130,000.

Besides having extensive work experience, each Java developer, who intends to be a senior, must meet the following requirements:

  • A course degree in Computer Science or a related field;
  • 5+ relevant experience with web programming and interface design;
  • A profound understanding of designing, building and testing Java applications;
  • In-depth knowledge of Java frameworks and their application;
  • Awareness of specific practices in the particular domain;
  • The excellent delegation, communication, and time management skills.

Java developer salaries, like all other salaries, vary greatly from country to country based on many factors – the cost of living, the level of economic development, and other demands. As the #1 job site in the world, Indeed, shows, the highest salaries of Java developers are paid in the USA – on average, $102,474 per year (from $29,000 to $207,000). What are the salaries in other countries?


Java Developer Job Description

The role of a Java developer is significant and each specialist must meet all the requirements of a client to be paid accordingly. So, what requirements to formulate for Java developers? View some job descriptions available at the moment or use our job description template:

Java Developer Job Profile

We are looking for highly skilled Java programmers with experience developing web applications and software in Java. They are responsible for analyzing and meeting the requirements and business objectives, developing Java-based applications, providing effective solutions to possible issues, among other duties.

Are you motivated enough to join our agile team of experts in IT? Then, you are the person we are looking for!

Java Developer Duties and Responsibilities

  • Designing, implementing and testing Java applications;
  • Aligning application development with business goals;
  • Resolving technical problems that may arise;
  • Producing detailed technical documentation about the completed work;
  • Developing documentation to assist users;
  • Recommending changes to existing Java infrastructure

Java Developer Requirements

  • BS/MS degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or similar relevant field;
  • Previous work experience in Java development for X year(s);
  • Deep knowledge of Java frameworks (Spring, Hibernate, Grails, etc.) and their application;
  • Experience with JQuery, Ajax, JSON, CSS, HTML and other Java-related technologies;
  • Analytical mindset and good problem-solving skills;
  • The ability to work as part of a team

Java Developer Working Conditions

  • Competitive salary;
  • Work in an office (there is/isn’t the possibility to work remotely);
  • Bonuses, and other employee benefits.

Be as specific and precise as possible at each point of a job description. Hopefully, the above sample will help. There’s nothing to thank us for – we just want to help you.

When you find out what requirements to set for a Java developer, it is necessary to check the skills and experience of a specialist in practice. In resumes, everyone can write everything from wide professional experience to big successful projects. It’s time to follow the next 3 steps to make ensure candidates’ qualifications match with your project requirements

How to Check Expertise of a Java Developer

  • Do a face-to-face interview. Even if a resume represents all the actual skills of a candidate, it is better to ask him/her about them in a face-to-face setting. For example, you can ask to explain some Java terms and other field-related questions.
  • Give a test with different questions related to Java or other issues relevant to the career. It can be a multiple-choice, achievement, IQ, language test, or all together. As a result, the chances to observe the professionalism of a Java developer or vice versa are increasing. What to do next?
  • Ask to solve a challenge online. HackerRank is a great platform for assessing developers’ skills objectively based on various challenges occurring to problems to real-life scenarios. Each candidate is provided with one or more programming tasks to complete within a limited time. The skill to work under time pressure is in high demand today.

So, check your potential candidate for the position of a Java developer thoroughly and make the final decision to hire or not to hire this specialist. Hopefully, this guide is helpful to make the right decision in the process of hiring a Java developer.

In conclusion, we’d like to highlight the most effective solutions to your problem after such a long text. And, after all, how to hire a Java programmer? Among all possible hiring practices, we recommend relying on qualified help of experts that are easily found in IT companies – many guarantees, offers, and services are available to you. There is no need to pay an IT recruiter because it is the key duty of outsourcing or outstaffing companies to find specialists for your project. There is no need to risk and have doubts, a kind of “Will this freelancer succeed or not?” while working on freelancing platforms. The IT company (be it outsourcing or outstaffing) is responsible for the final results.

Contact us whenever you need a Java developer or any other specialist for your business idea. You are welcome to Java Development Outsourcing Company. Join the community of satisfied customers on our website!