How to hire good software developers?

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3 Ways of Hiring Software Developers

Hiring the best developers can be a real struggle for many companies as there are many important things to consider. For example, you might be wondering what would be the most effective way to cut costs – to hire a freelancer or just outsource some business processes, or maybe a full-time developer will do just fine. You might also be thinking of employing a developer abroad, but you are not sure about salaries and what country to choose. In this article, we are going to look into these and other equally important questions.
There are three main ways of hiring IT professionals:

  • hire full-time employees;
  • collaborate with freelancers;
  • outsource some of your business processes to a vendor. 

Let’s consider all these types of hiring the best software developers and decide which one best suits your business needs. 


Employment has been the most widely spread kind of working relationship in the business world. It implies on average 35-40 working hours per week, and it’s an official agreement between an employer and an employee, which is signed by both parties. This agreement should include the following points:

  • an exhaustive description of services provided by an employee;
  • the number of working hours per week (for example, full-time, part-time, flex hours);
  • form of employment: remote or office work;
  • days of vacation;
  • perks and incentives. 

This type of working relations is quite easy to manage as the employer is fully responsible for the developers they hire. In-house specialists are easy to supervise as communication is usually direct and well-organized. Moreover, despite the fact that hired developers are responsible for delivering successful results, the employer gets full access to the code and reports. It gives you a perfect opportunity to keep an eye on everything they do.

Another good thing about employment is that before hiring developers, you can evaluate candidates’ hard and soft skills with the help of an interview. In this way, you can easily exclude candidates without necessary skills or the ones, who cannot communicate effectively with their team members. 

Still, there is a major downside to it, which might obliterate all the advantages. Official employment can be the most expensive way of hiring people. First of all, be ready to spend some budget on your hiring campaign. You might have your in-house HR team or you can use outside HR services to find the right candidate, in any case, you have to pay your employees or/and partners. 

Your internal team can use hiring websites or social media platforms, which are hardly ever free if you want to achieve the best results. As an example, Dice bills $395 for a single job advertisement. Bear in mind that you should study the platform’s policy in advance to start using it for job ads, otherwise you have a risk of paying hidden costs in the end.

Even when you hire developers, you spend money and time on onboarding to ensure new employees adapt to a new environment, but, unfortunately, no one is safe from the developer’s leaving your company on short notice. In this light, it is also worth mentioning, that you should be interested in motivating your new and existing employees to stay with the company. IT industry is very dynamic, so newly-established enterprises might hunt your developers. Thus, do not forget about such things as life and health insurance, and other incentives like a gym membership, free meals, corporate events, merchandise, and other staff, which sometimes might go over the company’s budget. All these steps take time, which profoundly affects the project’s total cost. 

Where to hire. To find a developer for permanent employment, you should use job search and social media platforms like AngelList, LinkedIn, Xing, Indeed, Monster, Dice, Idealist, CareerBuilder, SimplyHired, LinkUp, and Glassdoor. 


Freelancer is a professional who provides his or her services for a fee. Usually, they have more than one employer, and here goes the first catch. You can’t fully supervise a freelance developer as they are working remotely in the majority of cases, and they might be working on several projects simultaneously. 

At the same time, freelance is the cheapest and easiest way to hire software developers. You can easily find an IT professional who charges from $8 per hour. However,  keep in mind that the code and work of such developers can be of poor quality. Be ready to spend hours on freelance websites in finding the best fit for a comparatively low cost.

Where to hire. There are many websites where you can find a suitable freelance developer. The most popular ones are Upwork, AngelList, Toptal, PeoplePerHour, Freelancer, GetACoder, Craigslist, Guru, Fiverr, Elance, Twine, and


In simple terms, outsourcing is a practice of partnering with a partnering company, so that the latter could perform some of your business functions and processes. It could be seen as a “golden middle” between hiring a freelancer and providing full-time employment.  If you do not want to spend a fortune on hiring in-house developers or collaborate with freelancers, who might have a doubtful qualification, you can find a reliable outsourcing partner. In most cases, experienced outsourcing companies provide an array of IT specialists to choose from. So, if you need developers with hands-on experience, there is a good chance they already have them, or they know how to find the best ones in the blink of an eye to fit your requirements. Thus, you will get quality developers for less money.

If you fear losing track of developers’ activity, discuss this point with your partner in advance. Such companies usually have a standard system of progress tracking, which provides you with exhaustive information about employees’ activities.  Round-the-clock updates go without saying, so you will have a chance to monitor the process and check status at any stage of the project. 

Where to hire. To find outsourcing partners, you can use social media platforms like LinkedIn, or Xing. You can also visit GoodFirms and Clutch to look for outsourcing companies and to learn more about services and pricing they provide.

Software Developers’ Qualifications and Levels

Difference between Junior, Middle and Senior Developers

Many job search websites are rich in job ad titles like “We are looking for a Middle Frontend Developer” or “Senior React Developer”, but what do junior, middle, and senior mean in all these titles? Mostly, they help designate a level of a developer’s competence, his or her hands-on experience, and technical skills. Such levels can differ from company to company. Some corporations even have their own system of evaluation, which differs much with commonly accepted standards. 

Junior developer – up to 2 years of experience

Junior developers are at the very beginning of their IT career. Usually, they are recent college graduates, or they might be working part-time while studying. Apparently, they are inexperienced, and tasks that a senior developer completes in several minutes, juniors might need an hour or even more to finalize. They might make some mistakes and usually are not able to complete difficult tasks by themselves, that’s why they are constantly supervised by seniors.   

Still, junior developers have their advantages – they are highly motivated and willing to work long hours to understand all the nitty-gritty details of their project. Moreover, the fact that they require the help of others is an advantage, because they learn how to work in a team and cooperate with other people, which is quite important.  Besides, their experienced team lead can teach them efficiently, thus, the team lead eliminates the need in their retraining. 

Middle developer – from 2 to 3 years of experience

Middle developers can perform difficult technical tasks on their own without any supervision. They are not only tech-savvy, but they are also able to understand business in general – to discuss certain issues with designers, business analysts to assess the full scale of their project. Middle developers can also supervise juniors and сommunicate efficiently with other team members.

Senior developer – 4+ years of experience 

Senior developers have profound experience in coding, know their main programming language inside and out, and they can assess a project overall to see how it might fit business requirements and know how to cut costs in the most efficient ways. They are able to provide the best scenario to resolve the most complicated task. 

Senior developers can synergize with junior and middle developers as usually due to their experience and excellent communication skills, they can explain difficult things using plain language.

Developers’ salaries in the USA, Europe, Asia, and Africa

It’s almost impossible to tell for sure the exact rate of developers as it depends on many criteria: country, city, company, years of experience, knowledge of programming languages, and soft skills. Here we are going to show you ballpark salary rates of developers in several regions of the world. For most of the countries,  we have gathered information on three of the most popular programming languages in the world – Java, PHP, and Python. 

Developers’ Rates and Salaries

To find a software developer you need to create a job ad with all the necessary requirements and project details. This ad can be posted on job search site and social media platforms, as well as on your website.

Eastern Europe$25-50$30-50$25-40
East Asia$20-35$20-25$18-30
South Asia$25-40$20-40$20-30

How to create a good job ad and define requirements?

To create a job post, you need to understand what software developer you are looking for and what skills are required. The first step is to assess the project you want to hire professionals for. Is it for an e-commerce platform or a mobile app for iOS? Do you create it from scratch or support an existing app? How many people do you need? What functions are they going to be responsible for? What conditions are you ready to provide? What is your budget for the project?  

Once you have decided on the main aspects of your project, you need to understand what skills you need a candidate to have. For example, how experienced a developer should be, what technologies and programming languages they should know and use, what soft skills are necessary. When you know the answers to these questions, you are ready to post a job ad. 

Still, if you are not sure what software developers to hire for your project, you can get in touch with outsourcing companies to get an overview and initial estimations. Our software experts have all the necessary knowledge and experience to evaluate your project and help you find the right match. 

How to assess developers’ level

Start with CV screening

Screening CV is the first step of shortlisting candidates. It will give you a glimpse of their working experience, education background, and knowledge of tech skills. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to assess candidates in-depth, as a CV does not really show other important skills like logical thinking, communication skills, stress resilience, agility, and time management. 

Use social media

Social media has become part and parcel of candidate screening by which you can see how candidates behave and interact with others on the net – if he or she adheres to the code of ethics. Beware of sexist, racist, ageist, or other inappropriate posts of the candidate – you don’t want to ruin the reputation of your company due to such developers. 

Evaluate portfolios and coding samples

Here you can evaluate technical skills of your candidate. Ask them to provide you with links to their former or side projects with open code. Now you have solid information to see if the developer is suitable to proceed further. 

Conduct an interview and technical tests

The best way to evaluate a software developer’s logical and technical skills is to give them a technical assignment. Thus, you can assess the way they think and make decisions, see the structure of their code and its quality. The best way is to monitor the process in real-time with the help of live coding software. In such a way, you prevent cheating and have a chance to assess the developer’s logic. 

Wrapping up

Now you are equipped with knowledge about the best ways of hiring software developers – freelance, employment, and outsourcing. You know of the most cost-effective hiring strategies and the easiest ways to hire and manage software developers. You are also aware of the average salaries across different parts of the world, and you know how to proceed with job ads and candidate evaluation. 

If you are still on the fence, get in touch with our software experts to get initial estimations and recommendations for your project. 


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