7 Signs You Should Offshore Your Java Development
Are you aiming to speed up your software development process and get ahead of the competition? Maybe it’s time to consider offshoring your Java development tasks. But how do you […]
12 Jan 1590 views 10 min
Top 10 Python Development Companies
Python celebrated its 30th anniversary last year. According to the Tiobe index, it is the most popular programming language in the world, holding the top spot for several years. It […]
23 Nov 2084 views
Top 10 Node.js Development Companies
Node.js is an extremely popular development platform. According to W3Tech, it is used by 2.1% of all websites. Most of these sites are high-traffic ones. Such giants as Amazon, Twitter, […]
22 Nov 1488 views 10 min
Top 10 Reliable .NET Development Companies
.NET is a flexible software development environment developed by Microsoft and released in 2002. The main tool in its work is a reliable and universal programming language C#. It has […]
22 Nov 998 views 10 min
Top 10 Java Development Companies
Celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2020, Java continues to hold its position in the top five most popular programming languages. At the time of this writing, it is in 3rd […]
29 Oct 1907 views 15 min
Why is Node.Js Still Popular in 2022?
With the tech advance, lots of popular programming languages fall into disuse, but it’s not the case of Node.js. After entering the IT arena back in 2009, its popularity was […]
13 Oct 1376 views 10 min
7 Advantages of Node.js That Make It Ideal for Startups
As soon as you have a startup idea formed in your mind, the question arises of how to bring it to life and not screw it up. The right choice […]
3 Oct 1084 views 10 min
A Guide to Software Development Process and Life Cycle
The industry of software development faces lots of challenges. The main of them is staying up-to-date with the tech advancement and the newest trends. To cope with them, you need […]
3 Oct 946 views 15 min
Top Programming Languages for AI Development
What Is Artificial Intelligence? Artificial Intelligence is the simulation of human intellect by computer systems. It is progressively spreading to all the spheres of our everyday life: traveling, hospitality, education, […]
24 Sep 1344 views 10 min
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