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As an e-commerce development company, Mangosoft provides a full cycle of software development services starting from small adjustments to your project and ending up with full-cycle project management. Regardless of your business needs and ambitions, our specialists provide you with the most optimal solution in each case. Our team of e-commerce experts can handle a project of any complexity.

E-commerce Software Development Services

Our e-commerce development services and solutions

Marketplace & Website Development

Web-based marketplaces connect customers or businesses with service providers. If you want to have your own online website marketplace, you can rely on our web development services. Our team is skilled in building complex online marketplaces for transactions of products or services between businesses (B2B marketplaces) and from businesses to customers (B2C marketplaces). We carefully match all the demands and come up with the best digital solution for your business.

Mobile Commerce Applications

We develop mobile apps for any operating system - Apple iOS, Google Android, Microsoft Windows, which support mobile payment systems. If you want to have an app developed for customers or internal use, we offer one of three options for mobile applications - native, web or hybrid. We apply progressive Web Apps and AMP pages to make your app more competitive. A user-friendly mobile commerce application with a catchy design will only contribute to your business.

E-commerce Management Software

Smart e-commerce management software speeds up business processes to sell more items, more often and faster. At Mangosoft, we work with our clients to automate and optimize workflows with CRM, CMS, ERP, BMP. Programs store, process and maintain a single database of the company, as well as synchronize the activities of all departments: order department, production departments, warehouse, logistics department, accounting, advertising department, etc.

E-commerce Integration Software

With our e-commerce integration software, a large amount of business data is integrated quickly and directly to other systems. We are ready to develop custom solutions to meet your specific business needs. Our e-commerce integration software is based on cloud/web solutions to manage sales, marketing, management, and other business data effectively. We can connect multiple applications such as CRM and marketing-automation platforms or separate databases for safe storage.

E-commerce UI/UX Web and App Design

To stand out from e-commerce platforms and achieve high sales, innovative and original web or app design will help out. Our team of UI/UX web designers is at your disposal to work out the most profitable solutions for your business. We have extensive experience working with the e-commerce sector to provide an excellent impression from an app or website - from successful branding to clear and easy navigation on the page. Increase a user retention rate with our help!

E-commerce Analytics Software

E-commerce analytics software is vital for producing effective digital marketing solutions as it allows to understand, analyze, and act upon data. Our specialists can develop or integrate powerful analytics software with custom features for your e-commerce business that will dig your data deeper. With our e-commerce analytics software, you can make easy-to-read reports to maximize the data’s value, enhance the decision-making process, improve overall customer experience.

Open source e-commerce solutions
Custom e-commerce solutions
Mobile commerce solutions
CRM solutions
Marketing e-commerce solutions
Open source e-commerce solutions
  • Custom B2C and B2B software infrastructures
  • Maintenance, security, and speed optimization
  • High cost-efficiency ratio
Custom e-commerce solutions
  • Custom CRM, CMS, ERP, BMP development
  • Java, Ruby on Rails, Python, PHP, JavaScript
  • Swift functionality of your e-commerce site
Mobile commerce solutions
  • Development for Apple iOS, Google Android, Microsoft Windows
  • Mobile apps developed with our mobile SDKs
  • Choice, convenience and security to customers
CRM solutions
  • Flexible, robust, and competitively priced CRM systems
  • A user-friendly CRM on the market
  • Installations on-premises, in the cloud or web
Marketing e-commerce solutions
  • Data analytics software with a highly scalable architecture
  • Development of marketing-automation platforms
  • Releasing wearable technology with voice assistants, chatbots

Technology Stack


Java, Node.js, PHP, Python, Ruby, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB


JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Angular, React, Vue.js, jQuery

image of E-commerce


Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, OpenCart, WordPress, Drupal


Spring, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony, CakePHP, Django, Ruby on Rails

E-commerce Software Development Process



Primarily, we carefully analyze the business and project ideas, make an estimate, set SMART goals, divide the development process into milestones, and deliver all the final documentation to the customer.


Using flexible product development methodologies (Agile and SCRUM), our experts start working on your project. A project manager supervises the process, keeps track of all the operations and informs about any changes or updates.


Automated testing ensures that each new code is ready to be deployed. After the code passes through all the automated and manual testing, it is deployed. We maximize the final efficiency of developed software with the help of DevOps tools.


Benefits with Mangosoft

Achieve stable marketplace development with us

Business Model Adjustment

We create a unique solution that covers the most topical aspects of your business: flexible B2B software, ecommerce frameworks, CMS tech and anything you envision.

Simple Creativity

Our design team combines key selling points of your project within an authentic, imaginative and usable design. We make your ecommerce mobile apps and e-stores as impressive as they are functional.

Start building your next level brand now!

Fast Accessibility

To accelerate remarketing, our development provides customers with easy way to login and logout, check their buyer account and receive all useful offers in a swipe.

Tight Security

Purchase confidentiality and business data safety are the pillars of your business. With ecommerce apps and software by Mangosoft, any online purchase is as private as buying at a physical store.

User Targeting

In addition to exploring your business, we study your audience. It allows us to develop e-commerce user interfaces that reduce the time your audience needs for making a purchase or sending an order, and grow your conversion.

Client Success

Helping people reach their dreams

Blockchain-Based Payment System

This payment system that is based on blockchain technology processes money transfers between users inside of the system. It offers multicurrency wallets depending on the region. It works both in web browsers and mobile applications.

Cryptocurrency Wallet

It is a digital wallet allowing users to pay and receive payments in multiple cryptocurrencies and conventional currencies as well. The complete security is guaranteed in all monetary transactions due to blockchain.

Online Store

A vertical ecommerce solution - Web Shop. It’s a high-load website with Admin Panel, functioning as a CRM system, allowing users to create profiles and process payments quickly and securely. Core technologies used in the project are Django/jQuery.

MBR Skincare

MBR Skincare operates at the forefront of the beauty industry creating innovative luxury skincare products for customers. The company offers the latest scientific discoveries that are supported by in-depth research and biochemical experiments. The website is built on Magento –one of the most popular CMS platform on the e-commerce market. Mangosoft team supported migration from Magento 1.0 to Magento 2.3. The newer Magento version comes with a set of new features and opportunities, such as higher speed, enhanced performance and strengthened hashing algorithms.

Real Estate Application

Our team upgraded Ruby version from 2.0 to 2.3 and Rails version from 3.2 to 5.0 to make the application more secure. We also ensured the application can support newer and more secure versions of third-party libraries and services. Additionally, the team decided to split frontend and backend to separate applications: migrate frontend from legacy jQuery codebase to React, and Rails backend to Grape based JSON API


First vehicle marketplace in Africa, offering a platform for a large number of users to sell and buy transport facilities online. It connects buyers, private sellers and dealers of new and second-hand cars, motorbikes, and trucks. When the client contacted us, they wanted to create a powerful and convenient online marketplace for selling and buying vehicles online. The marketplace was supposed to provide a simple, fast and free solution for interaction between a customer and a vendor.


A vertical eCommerce smart solution. It's a Web Shop accompanied by the order, customer management and payment systems. Payment transfers’ security is ensured by HTTPS connection.

Meet Honeybee Mobile

First fintech platform HoneyBee allows for 110 million working Americans, regardless of their credit history, to borrow funds at no monthly interest that aims to help with short-term financial crunches. With HoneyBee PTO Loans, employees can take loans when they face unexpected expenses, creating a new financial safety net for the employees’ value


Unique platform for streaming media content that allows you to listen and watch live streams, listen to music tracks, watch video clips, get the latest releases of your favorite artists and create your own unique playlists

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The choice of the best e-commerce platform depends on many factors – business aims and objectives, pricing and payments, integrations, security, scalability, etc. Depending on the size of your businesses, e-commerce platforms may vary as well. For example, Shopify, WordPress are suitable for small business projects, Magento, BigCommerce – for medium and large businesses. For large e-commerce companies with unique functional features, it is better to develop an e-commerce website not with the help of CMS but using frameworks (Laravel, Django, etc). Also, pay attention to the security of using each CMS. For example, Drupal is distinguished with greater security, or you can use frameworks like Spring.

The cost of an e-commerce project highly depends on the business needs and requirements. A simple website without extra custom features requires nearly $5000 of the initial investment. Our e-commerce software development experts discuss all the requirements and make the final estimation of software development upon your request.

E-commerce software empowers an online store in many ways – effective management, detailed analytics, workable marketing solutions, good user experience, etc. For example, CRM manages the relationships with clients, ERP is used to manage the business process. All that is aimed at increasing the overall profitability of a business. E-commerce software programs overlap in some areas, and can be completely integrated in others to improve efficiency and increase sales. Payment gateway, logistics network services, invoice and accounting systems are a few third-party integrations needed to keep the online platform running at a high level.

At Mangosoft, the team of e-commerce software developers has a profound experience of working with small and large business companies and enterprises. They are experienced in the development of online retailing, electronic markets, online auctions, real estate and car rent applications. In our cases, you can find a proven track of successfully accomplished projects. Contact our experts to discuss how we can streamline your business processes to boost profits and optimize operations.

Our team has huge experience of working with both large and small companies all over the world. If you own a small business and strive to have a website or app developed in such a competitive niche as e-commerce, our software development experts will analyze your needs and requirements to determine what exactly could empower your business.


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