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New level of digital usability

Successful sites and web projects work seamlessly, process large volume of information in a swipe of a thumb and build a valuable connection between your brand, target audience and you. The web development department at Mangosoft company is dedicated to building and designing the web features and sites that will give you a leverage in a competitive online world.

Web Development Services

Sites, APIs, web applications, and web features

Website Development

Sites with a reliable core shaped by Ruby on Rails, C#, PHP and Java Spring framework, a powerful database ( MySQL PostgreSQL, MangoDB, etc.) and digital UI-responsiveness granted by JavaScript React.js, Angular.js, Node.js, D3.js, Vue.js), CS3 and HTML5.

Web Application Development

Custom agile progressive web applications (PWA) with powerful backend foundation brought by .NET, Django, Laravel and Ruby. Responsive user interface delivered by D3.js,HTML5, jQuery, HTML and CSS3 tools. Natural synchronization with all browser types. Option to safely and instantly download useful applications.

API Development

Use of Django (Python) framework and JavaScript libraries for designing responsive APIs that are highly compatible with such social media as Facebook and Instagram and ecommerce sources. Individual API development for Windows, Android, iOS platforms as well as custom cross-platform APIs.

Web Design

Cutting edge web design tools that create bright and adaptive designs for landing pages, corporate website, e-commerce portals and other websites. Responsive design for a wide set of screen definitions. Development and integration of animated, dynamic visuals.

Magento Development

Flexible and versatile Magento platform for the e-commerce web app development that fully covers the needs of a small, medium or large business project. Developing payment systems and sophisticated purchase features for online shopping. Establishing security. Ensuring quick use on mobile phones.

Web Features

PHP web development that lets you follow the steps of Amazon, IBM, and Google in using A.I. for building messengers, chatbots and networks that accumulate sales force and facilitate your business processes. Installing motion UI, flexible and enduring data storage via blockchain, and other breakthrough features.

How it works?



Analyzing the client’s requirements. Developing mockups. Preparing an interactive prototype with all specific details (transitions, animated elements, etc.)


Designing the web development project. Building its features and functionality with the help of JavaScript, C+, PHP, Python, installing a CMS system (if necessary). Structuring the project.


Supporting and monitoring the web project’s performance after it is launched. The length of post-production support is defined by the client.


Web Development Technology

Web Development

Frontend Works

Enhancing the web-based technology of your enterprise with progressive web apps that work across all browsers and are familiar in use. Bypassing connectivity dependency with web service technology that operates offline. Enabling app download. Preventing data compromise and security breaches by using secure HTTPS protection and installing push notifications for a natural re-engagement.

Backend Works

Administering an extensive range of SDKs for Fintech, Banking, E-commerce, Wellness, Fitness and Healthcare and adjusting them to the specifics of your business. Developing and integrating functional CMS for the client’s convenience. Assuring high level of additivity to mobile devices and platforms, manually selecting and removing poorly performing code elements.

Why Mangosoft?

Everything a web development company can offer

Multiple directions

Mangosoft web development is specialized in building web projects, websites and applications for a wide range of industries: from healthcare to gaming. We meet the conditions dictated by your niche and introduce the web-based project that lets your brand shine.

Manual analysis

High quality web development agency never relies on the automated coding. When we work with the next generation patterns and frameworks, we discuss and analysis our work to pinpoint and remove any poorly performing elements.

End-to-end development

From a consultation to full scale coding, programming, design and web development, our agency encompasses every aspect that is necessary for turning your digital website or web project idea into an innovative tool for your business.

Superior agility

High grade web development covers more than present trends. It also cares about the future changes and challenges. The modern digital projects managed by our team are empowered with our digital foresight. They interact, learn, adapt and adjust.


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