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Custom Magento Development Services

Hire our Magento developers to scale your website and boost its performance. A reliable CMS solution is the foundation of any ecommerce business. Depending on your goals and business model, you require a dependable content management system to get full control over all processes and implement timely updates. With 250 000 sites built on Magento, this CMS accounts for 50 billion in sales and merchandize. By outsourcing our development team, you get an opportunity to scale your website to get more clients and expand business.


Magento Development Services

Magento Website Development

Magento was recognized as the most popular CMS platform in 2013 due to its flexibility and scalability. Whenever you want to add new features or integrate additional systems, you can easily implement them. Our developers will analyze your needs, take into account your suggestions and come up with the most optimal digital solution in each case.

Magento Theme Development

Although Magento Community edition comes with a set of free themes, some features are available only when you pay more. However, it is often challenging to select the theme, which would be appealing and effective at the same time. To help your online store stand out, our team can customize Magento theme for your business and make you more remarkable on the competitive ecommerce market.

Magento Extension Development

Magento is acknowledged as one of the most popular CMS platforms with advanced features that are suitable for any web store. However, if you want to scale your business, you might need certain custom functionalities that are not included in your package. We help you to develop a custom extension that will perfectly meet your customers’ needs and guarantee seamless user experience.

Site Optimization and Modernization

Did you know that 80% of buyers would refuse to purchase a product if they find the payment process overly complicated? It means that user experience means a lot for the customer. When your clients have to spend half an hour searching for necessary goods, there are 99% they would not come back again. Our team makes sure your site is easy to use and browse.

Migration and Upgrading

If you are currently using another CMS platform but you are not satisfied with it, it is not a problem! Our talented team helps your business to migrate to a new CMS system easily and quickly. Similarly, if you need to upgrade your website to a newer Magento version, we have extensive experience of working with such projects. Scale your website with our Magento developers, who provide complete support in migration and upgrading.

Magento Third Party Integration

When you establish an ecommerce platform, you will probably need to integrate third-party systems or apps to improve user experience of your customers. For instance, the integration of alternative payment options can boost your profits. Industry data predicts 55% of purchases will be made using alternative payment solutions. Consumers are more loyal to online stores that let them dictate own rules. Our team will help you integrate third-party solutions that will foster your business development.

Hiring models

Hire Our Dedicated Team

Mangosoft team provides the most personalized service. We allow you to hire a developer or a group of developers with specific skills and knowledge. We involve you in the hiring process to ensure you get professionals with a particular set of qualities and capabilities.

Outsource a Project

We also cooperate on an hourly basis to provide you with continuous support. You reach out to us, we estimate costs and define the number of hours and developers to meet your project goals.

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How does it work?

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Testing and Deployment

Start Our Collaboration

Reach out to us via or our contact form and software experts will reply to you asap. They discuss your vision and provide first estimates. Transparency is our core priority. Thus, we involve you in the recruiting process and let you interview developers to ensure they perfectly fit your project goals.


We assemble a team of experts, who put their skills and knowledge to achieve long-term results. Our qualified team analyzes your needs, discusses your vision and comes up with the most optimal digital solution for your business.

Testing and Deployment

Before the product is delivered to you, our experienced QA engineers test it to spot bugs and eliminate inefficiencies at the development stage. We use the latest analytical tools that guarantee secure and efficient testing. By the deadline, you get a quality product ready for the launch.


Reap Benefits with Mangosoft

Ecommerce-oriented Platform

Magento was specially designed to meet the needs of online merchants. The platform has a set of digital solutions to ensure users do not face any obstacles while browsing the website, finding the right good and purchasing. This CMS provides you with a wide range of apps and extensions to ease inventory management, financial planning, delivery, logistics, etc.


Magento is the most flexible CMS platform as it allows integrating any feature in your online store. You can choose an extension or theme in Magento Marketplace. If you fail to find suitable options, our developers are always ready to support you with any task. We develop customized solutions that meet your business needs.

Experienced Team

We have a team of skilled developers with extensive experience of working with Magento-powered online stores. We have worked with projects powered by different Magento versions and know which one can boost your business.

Fast Delivery

After we analyze your business needs, define project goals and develop milestones, our team specifies preferable delivery dates and set deadlines. Experienced software specialists work on agile to deploy your app or website within a limited timeframe.



Why should I migrate from Magento version 1 to Magento 2?

There are multiple reasons to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2.0. A new version comes with a set of new features that have the potential to improve website performance. For instance, Ajax Cart extension, which allows users to add products immediately to the cart, is already implemented in a new option. A set of other extensions are also integrated into version 2.0. So, it makes sense to upgrade your website to avoid looking obsolete.

What edition should I choose for my online store?

You can start with Community edition that comes with the basic set of features. You get code-level access, web services API and free themes that you can use for your website. However, there is a high chance you will need new extensions and functions when your business grows. If you run a middle-size or large online store, Enterprise edition will come in handy as it provides you with more opportunities to customize the space to meet your customers’ needs.

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Is Magento suitable for B2B segment?

Although Magento was originally designed as a B2C ecommerce platform, it currently competes on equal footing with B2B solutions. An updated version has all the necessary B2B functionally to disrupt this segment. These features include complex and advanced pricing, simplified logging process, exceptional customizability, multiple communication channels for SDRs and other upgraded B2B extensions.

Is Magento compatible with Amazon services?

Yes, Magento is compatible with Amazon services. We can use Quick Start app to deploy Magento on AWS cloud. This solution will help to integrate Amazon RDS for MySQL or an Amazon Aurora database into your website to boost performance. Quick Start allows launching Magento open source quickly and integrate it smoothly.This approach provides you with access to a wide range of AWS services to improve data management.

Client Success

Helping people reach their dreams

Online Store

A vertical ecommerce solution - Web Shop. It’s a high-load website with Admin Panel, functioning as a CRM system, allowing users to create profiles and process payments quickly and securely. Core technologies used in the project are Django/jQuery.

MBR Skincare

MBR Skincare operates at the forefront of the beauty industry creating innovative luxury skincare products for customers. The company offers the latest scientific discoveries that are supported by in-depth research and biochemical experiments. The website is built on Magento –one of the most popular CMS platform on the e-commerce market. Mangosoft team supported migration from Magento 1.0 to Magento 2.3. The newer Magento version comes with a set of new features and opportunities, such as higher speed, enhanced performance and strengthened hashing algorithms.


A vertical eCommerce smart solution. It's a Web Shop accompanied by the order, customer management and payment systems. Payment transfers’ security is ensured by HTTPS connection.

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