Business Problem

The lack of a single online vehicle marketplace in Africa led to overly complex interactions between customers and suppliers on the market. In addition, the development of a separate website with classified ads required too much time and money. 

Our goal was to create a unique marketplace where users could buy and sell vehicles online and communicate directly with vendors. Also, we wanted the platform to have high scalability and fast web page loading times. 

The absence of a cross-country vehicle marketplace in the African region
There was no direct interaction between customers and vendors
The company’s market share slipped by 15% each month


A multi-domain trading platform as a single vehicle marketplace that connects all buyers and vendors for better interactions

Our team developed an online platform that allows vendors to publish product or service information quickly. We managed to create a social community that directly connects suppliers and customers. The advanced admin panel ensures safe storage and fast management of data about vehicles. Users can view product information in different languages and make purchases in any currency.

  • Ruby on Rails
  • PostgreSQL
  • ActiveAdmin
  • Redis
  • Sidekiq
  • JQuery
  • RSpec

Key Features

Each product we develop has all of the required functionality that gives full significance and long-term effects for end users. Each of features is tailored to the business needs and customers' demands

Business Value

Our team of specialists works for the client according to all the specifications with the focus on future business values. We thoroughly analyze each project to contribute directly to the business area producing tangible results.


Soon the market share started growing by 10% every month


The manual work process time decreased by 90%


The development time for each separate site was reduced by a factor of 10


Transparency of buying and selling operations was enhanced by 60%


Revenue increased by 80% in 6 months

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