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The financial and banking industry are reshaped through the digital means. The clients strive towards more streamlined experience and quicker business processes and with Mangosoft you can keep up with their evolving demand. Our agile team can go beyond developing mobile and web applications for your financial business.

Financial software, banking applications and sites

We give you the opportunity to improve your analytics, optimize your financial documentation, protect the payment systems with the safety features that will increase the loyalty of your customers and make your name stand out. Whether it is an online web application, trade platform services or financial app for a mobile, Mangosoft development team will be upholding the core standards for different financial institutions: safety, privacy and swiftness. By working with our experts, you will receive a solution created with the top quality technology and protected according to the latest standards of data security.

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Trading Platforms
  • Assign several access levels to your data to various users
  • Data repositories and features for monitoring the transaction lifecycle
  • Unique and convenient technical architectures
  • E-wallets for your customers’ financial routine
  • Setting up P2P payments, and develop in-app currency.
  • Making everyday digital transactions a safe process
  • Software that recognizes your business needs.
  • Tracking of mobile stock and transactions via smart contracts
  • Securing your operations with blockchain technology
Trading Platforms
  • Moving trading platforms beyond transaction point.
  • Turning your data into profit with Big Data solutions
  • Agile PoS software, smart design and IoT
  • Point of Sale financial software compatible with payment cards
  • Easy-to-integrate online payment systems and MOTO (mail and telephone order)
  • Installing numerous innovative features into your PoS branch

Financial software

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Wealth Management
Brokerage and Exchange
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Solutions that meet your needs

Risk management

Risk management always goes together with trading. This is the golden rule we follow in our development of software for mitigation tracking, scheduling assessment reports and helping you document your transactions.

Trading platforms

We build electronic trading platforms with Java languages, C# and Java tools for rapid and accurate exchanges that include cryptocurrency and other payment units. We develop solutions with reporting systems for Android, iOS, and hybrid platforms.

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Transformative banking

We ensure full banking transformation, modernizing your mobile payment apps: from an exclusive credit card payment app to versatile phone pay apps. We provide end-to-end mobile account support, and equipping your financial software wish push to engagement features.

Request tracking software

We develop fast and responsive collaborative, operational, strategic and analytical request tracking software to let you engage clients instantly. You can use our expertise with Ruby on Rails, jQuery, PostgreSQL to archive and utilize your client interaction data for superior client targeting and prices improvement.

Electronic security

You can rely on Mangosoft IoT to protect your network and data from connectivity issues, leaks and data theft. We employ VPN protection, agile MySQL and PostreSQL databases to secure data integrity, while ensuring that software and apps developed by us perform even offline.

Client Success

Helping people reach their dreams

Security Token Service

This is a regulated security token platform that serves as a broker to establish trust relationships between a service provider and a service requestor. Clients use security tokens to authenticate themselves at the service providers.

Blockchain-Based Payment System

This payment system that is based on blockchain technology processes money transfers between users inside of the system. It offers multicurrency wallets depending on the region. It works both in web browsers and mobile applications.

Digital Investment Platform

This online platform facilitates investments by leveraging blockchain and financial regulations. It is developed for real estate asset managers to issue their shares as blockchain tokens.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Service

This decentralized cryptocurrency exchange service is a unique platform for the profitable purchase/sale of cryptocurrency under the credible security of smart contracts and payment systems all over the world.

Cryptocurrency Wallet

It is a digital wallet allowing users to pay and receive payments in multiple cryptocurrencies and conventional currencies as well. The complete security is guaranteed in all monetary transactions due to blockchain.

Chatbot Case

Website with integrated chatbots for Viber and Facebook Messenger. We designed the website with inbuilt calculator for estimation of customers' credit rates. This calculation can be sent to several banks, which offer consumer loans by one click step. The system is integrated with web interfaces of the partner banks, so that their managers can review the customer request and make a decision on providing credit to them. The copy of calculations is sent to the customer via email.

Enhanced Financial Analytics Platform

The project is under NDA. A Dutch company that provides financial analysis services for European and US financial markets with free overviews on reputable banks stocks and tips on how to manage them. The platform is a reliable guide to the world of stock exchanges. When the company came to us, they had a simple information website operating in Netherland and Belgium. They wanted to transform it into a publishing platform for multiple countries. Besides, they needed the subscription-based “Pro Section” leading investors to right decisions.


First vehicle marketplace in Africa, offering a platform for a large number of users to sell and buy transport facilities online. It connects buyers, private sellers and dealers of new and second-hand cars, motorbikes, and trucks. When the client contacted us, they wanted to create a powerful and convenient online marketplace for selling and buying vehicles online. The marketplace was supposed to provide a simple, fast and free solution for interaction between a customer and a vendor.


A vertical eCommerce smart solution. It's a Web Shop accompanied by the order, customer management and payment systems. Payment transfers’ security is ensured by HTTPS connection.

Meet Honeybee Mobile

First ïŹntech platform HoneyBee allows for 110 million working Americans, regardless of their credit history, to borrow funds at no monthly interest that aims to help with short-term ïŹnancial crunches. With HoneyBee PTO Loans, employees can take loans when they face unexpected expenses, creating a new ïŹnancial safety net for the employees’ value


Unique platform for streaming media content that allows you to listen and watch live streams, listen to music tracks, watch video clips, get the latest releases of your favorite artists and create your own unique playlists

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