An entire sector of ride-sharing altered since Uber had entered the market. The service currently functions in 80 countries and over 700 cities. The company hired 23.000 fully employed workers in 2018, where 12.000 operators are living outside of America. 

Nowadays, humans use it globally and seek out profitable, though alike suggestions for launching their business. They have been wondering about an Uber-like application for planning and booking trips on the Internet. For this, you should trust a reputable company and it will resolve all your issues.

Based on the Certify report, Uber turned out the most high-priced provider for American travels undertaken for work purposes in 2019. It formed 12 % of the total amount of transactions conducted. Meanwhile, Starbucks rated second in costs since it required 4 % of the amount.

To build an Uber-like app, it is crucial to understand how an entire system works. All taxi services depend on the elaboration of two applications – a rider app and a driver app. They have dissimilar functions that are interrelated through the dashboard. What is more, an excellent thought would be to make a car booking service as a one-page site. Likewise, any landing, this site would also assist in gathering engaged customers and driver inquiries for cooperation through application forms.

5 Points to Know About Creating an Uber-Like App

A software elaboration appears to be a complicated procedure. And the expense to build an Uber-like app may differ grounded on such determinants:

  • Chosen operating system – Android, iOS, or both.
  • Assessed quality and ease-of-use design.
  • Integrated amount of in-app features.
  • Spent hours on software design and development formerly kicking it off.

Also, to build an app like that, you should start from an MVP. A minimum viable product (MVP) is a starter variant of software built with a minimal toolkit. The following steps will enable the application to finish the journey from a plan to an MVP prepared to be launched, previewed, and optimized.

  1. Find out the pain point of your potential clients. Formerly applying to some development company, decide which pain points will your software alleviate. Ask yourself: ‘Why should other people use my application?’ Concentrate on the problem that your app will solve.
  2. Identify what the solution will be. After you have identified the problem, you should start forming the solution. It should be based on the results of the market analysis and your experience.
  3. Develop the first variant of your software. After you have formulated both the issue and the way to fix it, you should develop an initial draft of the software and bring it to the market sooner. Now it is essential to develop and release a top-notch MVP due to high competition between apps. The ones of poor quality will fail.
  4. Write a set of features. It must be a piece of writing that involves a comprehensive list of such technical characteristics as design and details about what an app is like. This document will simplify the process of your vision transmission both to developers and investors. 
  5. Make a blueprint. It is a scheme of the screens that you will incorporate in the application. It must comprise an introduction to the software, your vision of the outcome, and a comprehensive list of specifications and all screens of the application.

What Does the Uber App Look Like?

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The Uber application involves 5 intermediate steps. They are crucial to specify from the client’s perspective. To get an increased awareness when asking — what does the Uber app look like, let’s review the application functioning:

  1. Inquiry. The client calls a taxi right away or at some appointed time using the software. The drivers who are within reach accept these requests.
  2. Conformity. The driver can choose to receive or decline the trip. When they refuse it, the inquiry is transferred to a different driver.
  3. Trip. The rider monitors the car coming and identifies an hour of arrival.
  4. Pay-off. The non-cash method of payment and the cost determined in advance make such a procedure comfortable both for a driver and a rider.
  5. Rank. It is a critical part of Uber’s domain logic that improves the trustworthiness of the company.

Basic Features of the Passenger App

Several features of a rider and a driver app will coincide. Yet, each interface owns its basic peculiarities as well. Here are the features required to make an app like Uber for the client application:

  1. Sign up – workable through electronic mail and contact number with confirmation. The popular deployment of this function is through the public network.
  2. Car reservation – concerns the option displayed upon the screen. It serves for inserting the location and choosing a taxi type. The features help to establish a meeting spot.
  3. Tariff estimator – the client might verify the cost for a drive in advance. Such an option turns out complicated enough for deployment on the admin panel.
  4. Driver monitoring – an option to watch his movements. It helps to update the information throughout and after the ride.
  5. Settlement – an app might perform different discharge options. For example, in-app reimbursement through bank cards, online payment system, or cash payment.
  6. Automated messages are an essential component for notifying. This feature apprises individuals with a status of a drive inquiry, a driver coming hour, data about an automobile, and others.
  7. Message exchange – the capacity to get in touch with a driver using the software.
  8. Driver rank and overlook – accords with the service assessment (driver, car, ride, and others).
  9. Travel history displays information from former trips as well as performances.

Basic Features of the Driver App

Several of the taxi driver’s application features might multiply the ones of the rider’s variant – sign in, message exchange, reports, and assistance. Here is a list of features that a driver’s application comprise:

  1. Taxi driver account and rank. A manager must complete a driver’s confirmation procedure ( permit, automobile allowance, and others). The rank will notify clients about the accessibility of a taxi driver.
  2. Journey notification – is the capacity to get the ride bookings for admittance or refusal. It involves data about the client’s whereabouts, a course, and journey history.
  3. Automated messages – applied for notifications, application reservation data (whereabouts, course, discharge, and others), journey alterations, and finish.
  4. Driving and route enhancement. You can propose the most suitable journey route with the help of Google Maps.
  5. Message exchange – reaching a customer through the software program.

Technology to Build an App Like Uber

Let’s examine the primary Uber tech stack required for building an Uber-like app.

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Regardless of what the majority of novice app owners suppose, Uber is not a sole software. It is a company managing a couple of front-end applications, as well as a dashboard.

The client side of the software includes:

  1. The passenger’s app interface is designed for users of taxi services
  2. An admin panel helps control both app interfaces and run both applications (for a driver and a passenger)
  3. The driver app interface is designed for drivers who offer taxi services on Uber terms.

Back-end Technologies to Build an App Like Uber

Uber gathers the requests from two applications on its server. Then, it handles them and responds to it appropriately. The more quickly Uber processes the information, the more sound the apps work.

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  1. Fare Calculator helps passengers to get to know the price for the trip in advance. To get a price estimate, you should download Uber to your smartphone and insert the address.
  2. Payment Gateway helps to safely transport the money from a passenger to a driver. Uber works with Braintree and Stripe. Yet, it also uses MobiKwik in several regions, mostly on the Indian territory.
  3. SMS & Email notification adapter – helps users to stay alert to the time of the driver’s arrival. Uber sends notifications a couple of minutes earlier so that you can get outside on time.
  4. Database adapter – contributes to data persistence. Uber currently works with Schemaless. This database securely stores any data and quickly processes the requests.

Once a customer desires to reduce the price and develop a manageable taxi application, he will pick a single pitch. It is contingent on his focus group. Undoubtedly, preference would be given both to Android and iPhone OS. Currently, all reliable software organizations can promote these platforms.

Functions and backend would appear to be equal for two operating systems. Yet, utilized frameworks and instruments would turn out specified by the platform. The timeframe for each one is a minimum of 200 hours.

We use Kotlin for making applications for Android, whereas Swift is our ideal option for iOS software development.

Cost Components of Building App Like Uber

It is difficult to reply to the question about an accurate price for making an app like Uber. We must first appreciate if you are going to create an actual Uber copy or you are testing an MVP. Here is the checklist of necessary components and their approximate prices:

  1. You need geolocation to define another person’s whereabouts. Uber provides strong routing mechanisms. The required time to build routing and geolocation features is 45 hours, while its cost is $2.500.
  2. Uber enables users to estimate the price of a ride. The trip value is contingent on your location. The payment features take 80 hours and charge $4.200.
  3. Sign up & profile features help to keep an eye on the number of users. Also, all these people can get access to the full service. Since Uber comprises payment services performed via a smartphone, such a feature is obligatory. It takes 60 hours and $400 to develop.
  4. Notifications and SMS integration features help individuals to be aware of the ride approval or taxi arrival. Uber customers may reach the driver using their apps. The price of this feature would be $3.500, whereas it requires 70 hours to develop.
  5. With a price estimation feature, you get to know the charge for a trip in advance. Uber offers cars of different levels and types. Thus, the costs differ respectively. It requires 40 hours and $2.000 to make.
  6. Trip scheduling helps individuals to order a ride in advance. Uber has recently implemented this option, so now you can schedule your trips more precisely. Such a feature requires 100 hours and $5.000 to build.
  7. Uber enables you to order a trip for others using your account. Once the order is made, both a driver and that person get all the necessary information via SMS. The feature costs $12.000 and takes 250 hours to develop.
  8. Uber allows users to split a cost for a ride. This feature helps you to share the payment for a joint trip with your companions. It takes 100 hours and $5.500 to make.
  9. Since the taxi sphere is focused on interaction with people, its services must provide user-friendly design. Uber has a straightforward and clear interface. This feature takes 250 hours and $12.000 to develop.

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How Long Does It Take to Build the Same Taxi App for iOS and Android?

Ride-hailing companies are similar to each other. Yet, they differ by excelling at the technologies they apply. Also, each company has a unique set of primary features which make up taxi software for both operating systems (Android, iOS). The overall time on development is contingent on the method you choose to make such an application. Thus, creating an MVP might take on average 17 weeks if you consider tailor-made development. Meanwhile, it can take 2 weeks if you consider buying the ready-made Uber scripts. The time for building a similar taxi software is contingent on its complication. Anyway, any Uber-like application is quite complex by default.

Native app building:

  • Customer sign up, a sign-in webpage, and accounts – 120 hours
  • Messages and alerts – 40 hours
  • Ordering a car – 80 hours
  • Monitoring of a taxi through GPS – 50 hours
  • Tariff estimate – 20 hours
  • Booking history – 50 hours.
  • Design – 190 hours
  • Back-end – 180 hours
  • Dashboard – 150 hours

Finally, an entire procedure of building an app for both operating systems may require at least 800 hours. Yet, contingent on further optimization of features, the total time for app creation might increase respectively.

If you have not still decided on the company to make an app, we are here to help. With us, it’s going to be 6 months till MVP release and will cost around $200.000.

The Final Cost to Develop an Uber Clone

Considering all the determinants cited above, the price to make an Uber-like app might vary among $200.000 to $250.000. Though any overall expenditures provided are approximate. Here are secondary aspects which affect the funds for taxi app development:

    • Hourly prices differ from one place to the other significantly – for example, from $20 to $40 in Asia, from $40 to $80 in Europe, and $100 to $150 in America and the United Kingdom. Thus, South European or Asian countries seem customarily more affordable compared to America and the United Kingdom;How to Make an App Like Uber & Costs for Development - 4
    • Consider the resources designated for retailing and advertising aims. These costs are not included in any price list because they are relative. Thus, advertising expenses depend on whether you choose SEO promotion or PPC. The first option will give you long-term results, while the latter one is for the quick outcome;
    • Consider the cost for making the administration panel that is at least $15.000. An admin panel is an essential tool for all applications;
    • The rates of developers vary depending on the functional complexity of your software.

We can estimate the budget for similar projects taking into consideration all the business requirements.

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How Much Will It Cost to Maintain an App?

Post-placing scheduling seems so critical as making a software. Presently, since you are aware of an app creation price, you are ready to assess the post-allocation, e.g. maintenance expense of an Uber-like application.

The market valuation of sustenance is from 15 to 20 % of initial development expenses. Therefore, if you require $100.000 to make an app like Uber, the maintenance charge will be $12.000 a year.

Also, consider the basic structure of workers that an app-building company requires:

  • UI/UX Designer
  • iOS Developer (Swift)
  • Android Developer (Kotlin)
  • Frontend Developer (React)
  • Backend Developer (Java) 
  • QA Engineer
  • Business Analyst 
  • Project Manager

How Profitable Is the Ride-hailing Market?

Nowadays, ride-sharing is regarded as original transport tactics. It permits individuals to obtain short-run entrance to transportation means upon a needed foundation. Customarily, it might involve various kinds of transports, comprising carpool, automobile-sharing, bicycle-sharing, and pitch-based drive services.

Considering Uber, it seems the most considerable transport service suppliers within the taxi niche. The firm has made an uprising with its ride-hailing software which permits customers to schedule a car without leaving a house. Furthermore, Uber was made as an issue solver for customers since it provides on-the-spot clarification to the individuals, who require a taxi rapidly and at an affordable price.

Despite the company’s significant reputation as well as a large share of the taxi niche, different organizations are putting efforts to contrast themselves from the ride-sharing branch. Those businesses experience a pretty good run to Uber thanks to the functions, high-level services, as well as exceptional amenities to clients.

The Uber produces three-quarters of income of an entire ride-hailing segment and is now beneficial. Its scale and the amount of profit the Uber makes cause the company to be a secure option for long-lasting investments. Thus, you can get a good ROI here:

How to Make an App Like Uber & Costs for Development - 5

ROI is the correlation between income and loss that was received in the fiscal year. It is expressed in the form of investments and represented in percent of ups and downs in the investment cost throughout the year given. The ROI formula is ROI = Net Profit / Total Investment * 100.

Top 3 Tips on How You Can Conquer Uber

  1. Make use of Uber’s vulnerability. As you may know, this company is frequently censured for its bouncing costs as the inquiry excesses. Since there are more passengers than drivers, this taxi service expands its prices. It inspires drivers to ride to well-known places. Consequently, once you wish to contest Uber or acquire a bigger chunk of the taxi niche, he must attempt to attend his clients with equal charges despite big interest.
  2. Attempt to come sooner than Uber. The services of the company have grown to immense towns and countries. Yet, there are several areas where this taxi service is not achievable. Why do not you offer to aid in such a place? It appears to be an accurate market option for enterprises that are looking to create an Uber-like app. Assume, Uber has been forbidden in several places, so you may attempt to focus on those areas and attend humans with a fully functioning Uber-like software.
  3. Admit voucher-based pay-off. There are multiple taxi reservation applications globally and any ride-hailing service is admitting cash payment. Yet, in different areas, booking a car for journeying from one place to the other is regarded as costly. Not everyone in those places might stand to reserve an automobile. Consequently, it would be excellent if you begin to admit vouchers that clients may get from some competition. They might get it through the app as well.


An increasing number of start-up owners are questioning how to develop an Uber clone and whether it is a profitable plan. Developing a new application can turn out a profitable project if you succeed in making unique offers for your customers. Also, it is best to analyze the current Uber bugs and consider them in your project. Do not doubt whether you can beat such a powerful competitor since real specialists exist on the market.

If you are prepared to commence work, then Mangosoft is an excellent option. We have a qualified team of programmers to start working on your project. Contact us right now!