AI in Ecommerce

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Artificial intelligence brought many changes that have been successfully implemented in all spheres. Especially, AI profoundly affected ecommerce industry in the way businesses approach customer relations creating brand-new standards for companies worldwide. The technology initiated a new wave of innovations in the digital landscape. AI-powered CRM systems, chatbots, as well as voice search features are just a few of the tools integrated to streamline business operations and enhance buyer experience.

It is predicted Artificial Intelligence will preserve its dominant position in the future. The infographic clearly illustrates that new technologies will have a significant impact on business profitability, performance and even market share. Businesses, which will redesign their websites to support voice search and AI-based software, are expected to generate by 30% higher revenue compared to their rivals. AI will become one of the top five investment priorities by 2020. Thus, you’d better keep an eye on innovations to generate higher profits in the future!

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