User Acceptance Testing Services We Offer

Alpha and Beta Testing

Alpha and Beta Testing

These types of testing are carried out late in the development of products to simulate the actual use of the software and verify its functions to identify errors and fix them in a timely manner before the product goes to market.

Contract Acceptance Testing

Contract Acceptance Testing

We conduct acceptance testing in accordance with all the discussed requirements to check the level of acceptability of your product, establish its compliance with the requirements and needs, and make a verdict on its readiness for delivery.

Regulation Acceptance Testing

Regulation Acceptance Testing

Through this type of testing, our team checks that your software product complies with all relevant industry standards and country-specific legal regulations to ensure that there are no legal violations before going to market.

Operational Acceptance Testing

Operational Acceptance Testing

This type of testing involves checking the readiness of the software to work in accordance with the declared functionality, its ease of use, efficiency, and the correctness of the implementation of any request.

User Acceptance Testing Platforms
Tools We Use for User Acceptance Testing
Solutions For Which We User Acceptance Testing
Enterprise Applications (mobile/web)

eCommerce Solutions

B2B/B2C Web Portals

SaaS Apps

Our Approach to User Acceptance Testing

Analysis of requirements and acceptance criteria

Creating a test plan

Development of test scenarios and cases

Preparing data for test

Test execution

Generating system acceptance recommendations

How is UAT performed?

User acceptance testing (UAT) is testing performed by an end user or customer to validate software prior to its final release. UAT is carried out at the final stage of checking software for errors after completing all other types of testing. The purpose of UAT services is to determine the readiness of a product, which is achieved by passing test scenarios and cases built on the basis of the specification of the requirements for the software being developed.

What does a UAT tester do?

The UAT tester plans the tests to be performed. They organize test runs to provide a convenient product evaluation. They execute test plans, scripts and procedures, as well as modifications to the test system in preparation for deployment. High-quality user acceptance testing services require a qualified approach and clear definition of issues to identify software requirements.

What are the types of user acceptance testing?

Any UAT company must have a deep knowledge of user psychology and be able to consider any product from the point of view of the end user. Types of usability acceptance testing differ depending on what aspect is emphasized. User acceptance testing includes the following categories:

  1. Alpha and beta testing.
  2. Contract acceptance testing.
  3. Regulation acceptance testing.
  4. Operational acceptance testing.
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