QA Outsourcing Services We Offer

Product-Based QA Outsourcing

Product-Based QA Outsourcing

This software testing outsourcing service is suitable for you if you need to fill a gap in quality control and testing of functionality, performance, usability and more for one product.

Multi-Product QA Outsourcing

Multi-Product QA Outsourcing

This software testing outsourcing service is suitable for you if you need to fill a gap in quality control and testing of functionality, performance, usability and more for one product.

All-Inclusive QA Outsourcing

All-Inclusive QA Outsourcing

This software testing outsourcing service is suitable for you if you need to fill a gap in quality control and testing of functionality, performance, usability and more for one product.

QA Outsourcing Platforms
Tools We Use for QA Outsourcing
Our QA Outsourcing Techniques
Static (reviews, static analysis, validation, etc.)

Dynamic (structure-, experience- and specification-based)

Our Approach to QA Outsourcing

Creating a plan for QA strategy development

Developing test approach

Designing test scripts

Building test environment

Test execution

Comparison and analysis of actual and expected results

Generating execution report

Test regression

What is QA in testing?

Quality assurance in testing is a quality testing process that ensures that a company provides the best software products without bugs and errors. Quality assurance aims at improving software development procedures and ensuring its effectiveness and efficiency in accordance with the quality standards established for software products.

People often confuse or equate the concepts of QA, testing and Quality Control. The line between the two can really be hard to find. Quality Control is the process of controlling the conformity of the developed system to the requirements imposed on it. And testing is the process responsible for compiling and passing test cases, finding and localizing defects, etc.

In the case of QA, the focus is on processes and tools rather than directly executing system testing. In the case of Quality Control, the focus is on performing testing by executing a program to identify defects using approved processes and tools. In the case of testing, the focus is on the execution of the testing itself.

From this we can conclude that QA uses a process-oriented approach to implement preventive measures, while QC and testing uses a product-oriented approach to directly correct the defects found

In other words, Quality Assurance ensures the correctness and predictability of the process, while Quality Control assumes control over compliance with requirements. Testing, in turn, provides the collection of statistical data and their entry into documents created as part of the QC process.

Why outsourcing your QA is good?

Transfer of QA services to outsourcing of a professional company allows you to fill the staffing gaps of your team, reduce the workload on your specialists and give you the opportunity to focus on more pressing tasks. At the same time, testing can occur in parallel with the development of the product, which helps developers to receive prompt feedback on the problems discovered and immediately solve them.

Software testing outsourcing companies have a large staff of specialists in different areas of testing, who quickly adapt to any project and significantly save development time and spend on quality control. Outsourcing testing services also has a positive effect from the point of view of comprehensiveness: a company providing QA outsourcing services can find problems where you did not expect, give extensive advice, audit your product and, as a result, not give any bug a single chance.

When outsourcing QA services, you do not need to maintain an entire QA department of engineers. A qualified dedicated team of testers will conduct full-scale testing of your product. Testing will be conducted using best practices in testing throughout all phases of software development, from requirements testing during the project design phase to testing during the pre-release phase.

Application testing outsourcing and a dedicated team are needed if you want to:

  • test the software at every stage of its development;
  • reduce QA costs instead of recruiting testers;
  • reduce the time and effort for software development;
  • get a more accurate and unbiased view of the quality of your product;
  • provide a higher level of security control;
  • spend more time on other work issues.

An experienced company to which you can easily outsource software QA relies on the strengths of the client and uses its expertise to achieve a common goal.

There are four main factors to consider when looking for a vendor:

  1. Strong reputation in the market. Pay attention to the list of vendor awards, positive and negative customer reviews. If it is easy to find all the necessary information about the history of the company and its achievements, then this is a high-quality service provider who is open to cooperation.
  2. High competence. The idea of ​​the company's professionalism is made up of experience in the market, as well as QA expertise, which can be assessed by a portfolio of successful customer stories.
  3. Transparent communication process. How is your communication with the vendor structured? Do you always receive a prompt response to your request, do you have a complete picture of the progress of the project? The answers to these key questions will help describe the quality of communications.
  4. Flexibility of business processes. Rapid adaptation to global conditions allows you to maintain the continuity of production processes in difficult times.

A truly trusted vendor engages in full immersion in the customer's processes and business goals to identify problems and help fix them.

In which phase of the system life cycle is software testing performed?

Software testing can be implemented at any stage of software product development. It is recommended to implement it as early as possible in order to reduce the effort required to fix bugs.

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