Mangosoft is a global technology partner for SMBs and large enterprises, supplying experienced professionals to meet their specific needs and bring ideas to life. We help our clients to be competitive and revolutionary in the market by providing innovative IT solutions.

Staff Flexibility

You get the opportunity to expand your team and adapt it flexibly to change and scale − the ability to control and quickly change the composition of the team gives you an additional competitive advantage.

Reduced Hiring Costs

By hiring a dedicated team of specialists, you save tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars in recruiting costs and minimize downtime for specialists that are needed for only one project.

Instant Getting Started

If you hire a DevOps engineer in a dedicated team format, you get the opportunity to get started right away, without long onboarding: experienced specialists quickly get on board with your project.

Adaptive Collaboration

The option to hire a DevOps team is an opportunity to choose any format of cooperation: both short-term for the implementation of a specific project, and long-term to achieve ambitious goals.

Key Advantages to Choose Mangosoft for Hiring DevOps

Flexible Scaling Capabilities

Flexible Scaling Capabilities

Our seasoned HR managers and professional recruiters help our clients expand the DevOps team, conduct interviews to assess the soft and hard skills of project candidates, and select the required number of specialists with the necessary competencies for your project.

Internal Control of the Project

Internal Control of the Project

We carefully track, evaluate, and analyze the progress of each project assigned to our DevOps specialists. Our project managers monitor, report, and inform clients about the important results of the various stages of implementation of the desired processes and stages.

Technological Expertise

Technological Expertise

Our company employs highly qualified specialists with extensive experience in building specialized software development teams, as well as implementing advanced DevOps processes. Mangosoft has all the programs and technology stack to meet any customer requirement.

How we build TRUST WITH

Our capabilities

Thanks to our vast experience in providing DevOps engineers for hire, we can speak openly about our capabilities and potential for hiring DevOps specialists depending on the projects.
We can hire more than 10 DevOps engineers per month for a client
Gathering a team for a new project takes about 4-6 weeks
95%of Employees
At Mangosoft, 95% of employees successfully complete their probationary period
LOOKING FOR DEVOPS ENGINEERS? Our recruiters will give you the extensive database of available DevOps experts with their CVs!
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Our Steps in Hiring DevOps Engineers

With our transparent and well-optimized recruiting processes, you’ll always manage to hire DevOps developers required to complete a project. We regularly update our database with talents who are skilled in new and advanced technologies.

Starting the search for specialists, we carefully analyze the needs of the client and the set of qualifications necessary for the implementation of specific tasks. To align company requirements with candidate qualifications, we have established a recruitment process with 4 levels of talent acquisition:

  1. Interview with recruiters and extended testing
  2. Interview with a technical specialist
  3. Interview with the client
  4. Final approval and proposal stage

For new employees, there is an adaptation program that creates comfortable working conditions. A psychologically savvy HR manager and technical mentor provides employees with all the necessary information and helps to build relationships with colleagues. Each employee has a resource manager responsible for career development, employee satisfaction, and motivation.

After the found candidates are approved, we introduce them to the course of planned tasks, provide all the necessary tools and platforms for work, and ensure their comfortable immersion in the client’s working environment so that they can start working immediately.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How much does it cost to hire a DevOps developer?
If you are planning to hire a DevOps developer or hire a DevOps team, you need to understand the approximate cost of their services in order to plan your budget. It is important to know that hiring individual in-house specialists can be a very complex and costly undertaking. DevOps experts are very expensive and in-demand specialists, and you will have to work hard to hire them. The average DevOps salary ranges from $90,000 per year. Not every company has the budget to afford such expensive specialists.

The universal solution is to find DevOps engineers for hire according to the outsourcing model. This means that you hire one specialist or team for a specific task or project, after which your cooperation ends. You do not need to engage in recruiting and then keep an expensive specialist on staff. You pay for the specific time spent on the task and thereby receive significant cost savings.
How long does the hiring process take?
On average, it takes an average of a month to select a candidate or an entire team. But if you need to hire a DevOps programmer faster, the outsourcing company of your choice may consider such options. However, this may increase the cost of services.
What is the experience of Mangosoft experts in DevOps development?
If you choose the hire DevOps developer option with us, you will receive a full guarantee of quality and completion of all tasks on time. We have extensive experience in end-to-end deployment automation, custom continuous integration methods and configuration management, as well as testing and monitoring results.

Each of our DevOps specialist is an expert in all the necessary areas for high-quality implementation of duties:

  1. Architecture. This DevOps responsibility includes the ability of the specialist to contribute to the improvement of the existing product architecture.
  2. Control. Our DevOps engineers manage the coordination of product development from development to deployment.
  3. Automation. Our DevOps experts know how to coordinate tools and use automation tools.
  4. QA. This area includes extensive testing and analysis to identify all possible weaknesses and gaps in the customer experience.
  5. Safety. We are monitoring product performance and implementing all necessary security measures.
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