E-Commerce Consulting Services We Offer

Advisory Services for Software Enhancement

Advisory Services for Software Enhancement

Our e-commerce advisory services include a thorough review of your software to identify areas for improvement based on thorough analytics, testing, and competitive comparison.

Business Operations Audit and Consulting

Business Operations Audit and Consulting

We will carefully analyze all the key business processes of your enterprise and conduct an in-depth study of strengths and weaknesses to draw up an effective plan for their improvement and optimization.

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Benefits of E-Commerce Consulting


Conversion Rate Growth

The best e-commerce development consulting agencies can offer you not just a plan for improvement, but a real opportunity to provide measurable financial results. They will audit your existing e-commerce strategy and find ways to increase your earning potential.


Growth Planning

E-commerce software development consulting is a reliable way to get a clear plan for sustainable growth. A good consulting partner will analyze your business processes and provide important insights on improving supply chain management, inventory tracking, and more.


Competitive Advantage

E-commerce is a very popular and competitive niche in which it is not easy to stand out and find a differentiator. Turning to professionals for e-commerce advisory services can help you better understand the pain points of your audience and form your unique and competitive selling proposition.

Technologies We Use in E-Commerce Consulting

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CASE Studies

Our offshore development group is experienced in delivering real results to end users − study our projects to make sure of our competence!

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How We Work on E-Commerce Consulting

At Mangosoft, we build value-adding solutions for many verticals and business domains to successfully implement digital ideas, maximize the value of software investments, and address critical business needs. Each time we go through the entire working process that produces valuable results for our clients.

Market and Competition Research

At the first stage, we define your key market and its segments, identify key marketing strategies for traffic growth, and evaluate the strategy and technology of competitors to form a complete picture of the upcoming front of work.

Business Processes Analysis

Next, we delve into the structure of your company and the specifics of all business processes, marketing strategies and customer support, the life cycle of order processing, inventory management, accounting packages, etc.

Improvement Plan Execution

Depending on your goals, we form a plan to improve the work of a particular department, software, or the whole company and prepare all the necessary data for its optimal implementation in accordance with requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions
How much does e-commerce consulting cost?
When contacting an e-commerce consulting agency for answers to your questions, prepare thoroughly and record everything that you would like to know or analyze. Often, e-commerce consultants are paid by the hour, so the best way is to get down to business right away. Rates fluctuate depending on the location of the e-commerce consulting company, the experience of its specialists, and the specifics of your request. They can range from $10 to $50+ per hour.
How long does e-commerce consulting take?
E-commerce consulting can be both local and strategic. When it comes to consulting on software improvement, it will take less time than, for example, a full analysis of all business processes of an enterprise to identify areas for improvement. Therefore, in each specific case, it is better to discuss the time frame with your chosen e-commerce consulting firm.
How to choose an e-commerce consulting agency?
If you are looking for high-quality e-commerce consulting services, you need to know the basic criteria for selecting a good e-commerce consulting company. Of course, you need to understand what kind of consulting services you want to receive and first of all look for them in the list of services offered. You should also pay attention to the following factors:

  1. Knowledge and experience in e-commerce. Not only theoretical, but also practical knowledge is important. The company's specialists should have practical cases of working with e-commerce projects that are sadly similar to yours.
  2. Transparency of estimates and communications. You must clearly understand what you are paying money for and what results you will see at the end of the cooperation. Find e-commerce consulting agencies that can provide detailed reports and analytics on the results of their work.
  3. The customized approach to your project. Beware of one-size-fits-all solutions, because those don't exist in the e-commerce development consulting business. Make sure that the company you choose provides a detailed plan for working with your project, tailored to your goals, requests, and needs.
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