Blockchain Development

High levels of security and efficiency

Blockchain is technology applied in e-commerce, banking, fin-tech, healthcare, IoT, insurance, and others. Whatever your requirements, rely on our services to get custom blockchain software solutions based on Ethereum, Hyperledger, Smart Contacts, etc. We’ll be totally engaged in the full-cycle blockchain development to realize your business idea and integrate it across platforms.

Blockchain Development Services

Blockchain, cryptocurrency, smart contracts, e-wallets and exchange

Custom Blockchain Development

Blockchain has a huge potential with its applicability and high levels of security in various industries - from fin-tech to healthcare. We help businesses expand their capabilities by providing custom blockchain development services. We can take on projects of any difficulty and will be glad to help you as well!

Cryptocurrency Development

Our team of professionals with rich expertise in blockchain develops different customized cryptocurrency platforms with unique digital currencies. We are ready to work on your cryptocurrency-based projects so that your users will be able to use your cryptocurrency on any device and any operating system.

Smart Contracts

These virtual versions of traditional contracts made in businesses are considered to be one of the best tools to make transactions for security purposes - no third party is involved in the business process. One of the top platforms we use to create Smart Contracts is Ethereum. Solidity is a programming language used to write a smart contract code.

Banking Blockchain Solutions

Blockchain technology is aimed at enhancing security, speed, and operational efficiency for banks. Our experience in custom blockchain development allows us to facilitate conventional financial transactions, asset management, resolve bottlenecks within regulatory processes with distributed-ledger architecture.

E-wallets and Exchange

Digital payment services are in increasing demand today. So we can help you if you want to have your own e-wallet developed for your business in the short term. We provide effective web money transfer solutions that are suitable for all kinds of money exchanging requirements to give the best choice to a large number of customers.

Blockchain Consulting

Aside from developing and maintaining the blockchain and cryptocurrency-related products, our consultants can also answer all your queries about the blockchain technologies. We apply the full potential of the blockchain architecture based on a thorough analysis of your company's profile and business needs.

  • It is a global, open-source platform designed for decentralized apps to control digital value that is usually controlled by third-parties.
  • On Ethereum, our developers can write code that will control your money and build new kinds of financial applications accessible anywhere in the world.
  • The Ethereum network is completely immune to any third party interventions. It is well-protected against possible hacking attacks and fraudulent activities.
  • It is a P2P electronic cash system that allows sending online payments directly from one party to another without any supervision.
  • Our specialists operating with open-source code and using the currency’s functionalities can build Bitcoin-based applications.
  • Bitcoin transactions are cryptographically secure and no sensitive information is needed. You are in full control of your assets.
  • It is an open-source platform created to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies.
  • We create solid, industry-specific applications ensured by Hyperledger to produce tangible business results.
  • This blockchain technology places trust, transparency, and accountability in each transaction within your network.
  • It is a decentralized application developed with the help of blockchain technologies to have sole control over all the data.
  • Our specialists focus on decentralized networks to make distributed, resilient, transparent, and incentivized applications.
  • With a decentralized app, you’ll have 100% secured collaborations, a reduction in operational costs and seamless management.
  • It is an object-oriented programming language for writing and deploying smart contracts on various blockchain platforms.
  • Due to Solidity, our developers create a contract for banking, voting, trading, and multi-signature wallets to follow the fast pace of change.
  • This statically-typed language automatically facilitates, enforces and verifies the execution of any business agreement.

Benefits in Blockchain Development with MANGOSOFT

Benefits that expand your business


One of the most crucial aspects of blockchain technology is that it is an entirely decentralized system. What does it mean for users? So, if you want to protect your personal identity or any other online information, then using a decentralized system is ideal. Blockchain is the best way to take back control of your own data. Be sure Mangosoft is the best way to bring your business ideas to life.

Enhanced Security

What do our blockchain developers say about this technology? It is secure to use it today due to the protected cryptography that secures the data ledgers. In any industry where protecting sensitive data is crucial (financial services, government, healthcare), our team with great expertise in blockchain development really enhances data security by preventing fraud and unauthorized activities.

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Besides providing high levels of security, blockchain also offers a transparent way to make a transaction, record and verify any type of data needed for transactions - it isn’t supposed to be only financial ones we all take care of. It may be any type of information and transfer between two parties that typically would require a third party to authenticate and arrange the deal.

Increased Efficiency

Due to our blockchain development services, every agreement, every process, and every payment you need to do everyday can be embedded in digital code, stored in transparent ledgers, shared freely from one to others. Blockchain makes the data protected from deletion, tampering, and revision. As a result, we all can transact and interact with one another without to achieve greater efficiency in each process.

Time/Cost Savings

No intermediaries is one of the main reasons why so many companies adopt blockchain technologies. They carry no transaction cost. They don’t only reduce costs but also accelerate the whole business process. Smart contracts that can be developed by our experts also automatically trigger commercial actions. In this way, you save time and costs from transacting business.

How we work

Consulting and Business Analysis
Development and Testing
Deploying and Support

Consulting and Business Analysis

Immediately after we are informed about your demand to develop blockchain-based software, our blockchain experts and business analysts start identifying the key projects’ needs to find the best digital solutions applied particularly for your business area.

Development and Testing

All the details are stated for the blockchain development flow and our developers are ready to work on your business project. They are equipped with effective frameworks - Hyperledger, Ethereum, Bitcoin, etc. After that, our primary focus is to ensure that your blockchain app is thoroughly tested and isn’t vulnerable to any inefficiencies.

Deploying and Support

When your product is developed and tested by our team of specialists, we ensure a full-scale blockchain network deployment and qualified implementation support. We use effective tools to get tangible business results. Moreover, our dedicated teams help you grow and expand your product further.


Client Success

Helping people reach their dreams

Security Token Service

This is a regulated security token platform that serves as a broker to establish trust relationships between a service provider and a service requestor. Clients use security tokens to authenticate themselves at the service providers.

Blockchain-Based Payment System

This payment system that is based on blockchain technology processes money transfers between users inside of the system. It offers multicurrency wallets depending on the region. It works both in web browsers and mobile applications.

Digital Investment Platform

This online platform facilitates investments by leveraging blockchain and financial regulations. It is developed for real estate asset managers to issue their shares as blockchain tokens.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Service

This decentralized cryptocurrency exchange service is a unique platform for the profitable purchase/sale of cryptocurrency under the credible security of smart contracts and payment systems all over the world.

Cryptocurrency Wallet

It is a digital wallet allowing users to pay and receive payments in multiple cryptocurrencies and conventional currencies as well. The complete security is guaranteed in all monetary transactions due to blockchain.

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Blockchain is a technology with the help of which you can track and transfer assets, record payments mentioned in smart contracts and document all the interactions in a secure, trusted and transparent way. Due to a distributed ledger and cryptographically-secured transactions that are transformed into “blocks”, it is possible to form a chain that is immutable and virtually impossible to change. It allows auditing any transaction with full transparency. Besides, this technology is based on the decentralized consensus to maintain the network. It means it is not centrally controlled by a bank, corporation, or government. As a result, it provides enhanced trust as compared to traditional databases and applications.

Blockchain can be used whenever separate parties must trust that transactions and other actions are securely recorded, transparent, easily accessible – banking, trading, voting, real estate, insurance, healthcare, government, education, law, etc. Among pressing use cases for blockchain technology, we can highlight different intercompany transfers, commercial contracts, chains of custody and so on. Other compelling use cases focus on asset management, supply chain management, digital identity, business tokenization, and other business transactions. We are sure that the saturation of blockchain technology in these industries is yet to be going on increasing.

A number of factors are contributing to the blockchain development in many businesses – the need to simplify business processes, collect trusted, encrypted data that is easily shared across the globe, reduce operational costs by removing intermediaries. For example, Ethereum enables our specialists to code smart contracts that will be executed when specified conditions are met. Blockchain technologies have many wide-reaching possibilities to offer today’s businesses to keep pace with the speed of successful business development.

You should use blockchain technology when traditional approaches to run a business do not provide the participating parties with sufficient trust or stability in the transactional systems. However, you should realistically consider the long-term interest in using the given technology. If blockchain is only of general interest to try out, it is better to collaborate with blockchain platform providers or developers that have already come up with solutions for various industries, products, services, or business models. We are of those who can consult you closely about any issue with blockchain and provide custom solutions in your business area.

Mangosoft was in the early stages of the development of this promising technology. We have successfully deployed 20+ blockchain-based platforms for different companies around the world. Now we have considerable experience to apply in any project. Our blockchain developers can work out crowdfunding platforms, security token platforms, smart contracts, e-wallets and many more. For more detailed information, you can contact us ( and have all your answered by our blockchain experts.

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