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Custom Java Development Services

Java is one of the first and best areas of expertise in Mangosoft, an outsourcing company. Feel free to hire our team of Java developers - they will help you by providing highly-customized and innovative digital solutions. Each of our specialists is involved in the full-cycle Java development from consulting to product testing and support. Get high-end applications developed based on your business goals.


Our Java Development Services

Java Web Application Development

Java strengthens its positions due to reliable web application development by means of a full technology stack - Servlets, JSP, frameworks (Spring, Hibernate), architectures (SPA, microservices) and databases (Oracle, MySQL or SQL Server). Our Java developers are well-aware of all the necessary technologies needed to deliver effective solutions specifically tailored to your business goals.

Java Mobile Development for Android

Java is a good choice when you want to develop mobile apps due to well-managed code that can be executed on Android-based devices. Our developers are proficient in Java to help with Java mobile development for Android. With the Android Studio and Java Development Kit, our specialists are able to build your mobile apps that will run on the Android operating system with ease.

Enterprise Java Development

Java applications are developed to solve specific issues faced by enterprises in networking, management. With Jakarta EE, its specifications, servers, and Java frameworks, we develop various automated enterprise systems that can support your business operations. Benefit from automatic workflows, quick data processing and facilitated team collaboration in your company.

Data Processing

The number of datasets can be so large that simple data processing software simply can’t manage them effectively. The feature of Java such as portability gives a unified solution - to adapt this software in an environment originally not created to run it. Our professionals specialize in the cross-technology and cross-platform migration to upgrade your systems to a new level.

Porting and Migration

Java applications are portable on any device without changes in code. This feature makes Java a top programming language in web and enterprise development. Using Java, it’s easy to migrate on different versions of the language. Moreover, due to our developers Java migration is fast, easy and without surprises. Code written on old version of Java usually works on the highest versions without modification.

QA and Testing

QA includes testing Java applications during/after the development cycle for possible errors in their execution and operation. Fixing all possible bugs during the development stage is significantly cheaper and more effective for your project than after a product is deployed. But still, if you face some issues with Java software, you’re welcome to us - we’ll evaluate and improve it immediately!



This service-oriented architecture implies that the whole Java development process is divided into microservices. In other words, every feature or functionality of your Java-based app runs as a separate microservice. In fact, it is a great solution we are ready to work out for your big and complex projects completed on time.


Applets are small applications written in Java and embedded into a web page to run inside the web browser and work at the client’s side. As a result, the response time is increased. Besides, these apps can be run on any Java-compatible browser. It is a good solution to make your website more dynamic and entertaining for website visitors.

Reactive Architecture

This particular software architecture is aimed at making the system responsive in a timely manner to its users - be it humans or systems. The fundamental benefit of this solution is high responsiveness to users’ requests and system failures. Besides, resiliency, concurrency, and elasticity are great results that our developers can achieve as well.

Java EE

Java EE is for large-scale, distributed, transactional and highly-available applications. It has enterprise-wide APIs (Servlets, EJB, JSP, JSF, etc.) and frameworks (IDE, IntelliJ IDEA, NetBeans or Eclipse). Due to a deep understanding of Java EE, our developers can contribute to your business by supporting the mission-critical needs.


Hiring Models

Work with professionals

Outsource Our Experts

Our company provides clients around the world with experienced Java developers. We assemble a team of professionals based on the latest technology standards and business goals. So, if you need a custom Java-based solution from skilled specialists, just send us a request. Besides, you can use our online cost calculator to know approximate prices for our services. Remember your cooperation with us always stays transparent!

Hire Our Qualified Team

We offer a team of full-stack Java developers with extensive experience in a variety of domains. Just imagine - they are already eager to work on your project due to vast experience and expertise in Java. All the details are thoroughly taken into account by each expert to create a commercially viable product for you. Hire our specialist to get great results within the most optimal timeframe.

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How does it work?

Hiring Our Specialist
Testing and Deployment

Hiring Our Specialist

It is a piece of cake to hire our specialists - fill out a contact form below or send an email to We reply immediately after receiving the request. All the details, terms and conditions are discussed and approved before starting our collaboration. Then, we can move to the next stage - software development.


After a team of developers is assembled, all their knowledge, skills and best practices are aimed at your project and its goals. The whole working process adheres to a budget, standards and timeframes specified in advance. We work, you rest assured in the final good results - everything is delivered on time and of the highest possible quality.

Testing and Deployment

How can you be sure about the final great job of our developers? We don’t deliver any of the developed products without testing them in various environments and devices. A range of automation and manual testing techniques are at your disposal. All the bugs and inefficiencies are fixed instantly. Get the product well-developed and ready to be launched and used.


Benefits with Mangosoft

Reliable Java Development

Using Java is an effective way to avoid fatal errors that could crash the system. With this in mind, Java as an object-oriented programming language is introduced and widely used in many areas - finances, banking, e-commerce, etc. Strict runtimes, quick checking for data types allow relying on Java every time. Our developers also contribute to the reliability of Java development providing competent services and timely delivery of products.

Secure Java Development

Due to specific inbuilt security features (cryptography algorithms, sandbox, a security manager and other advanced security mechanisms), Java ensures a high level of security. Its features can save you from common security vulnerabilities and exposures - viruses, injections, authentication flaws, insecure direct object references, security misconfiguration. Our Java developers provide many additional guarantees to write 100% secure code for your project.

Client-Centric Programming

Java is the best choice to have code executed on the client side without consuming any resources on the server. We don’t just develop apps and programs run on Java, we strive to benefit your business and achieve long-term results. We provide client-focused Java app development solutions for your business. The client is at the center of the efforts of our developers - they work for your own benefits and according to your own needs and demands. Benefit from a personalized approach to your Java app development!

Portability of Java Software

Portability is that Java is distinguished from other programming languages. So instead of writing a new code for a program, Java products easily run in any operating systems, hardware and devices. As a result, portable application software gives you more freedom of using Java apps on various machines. Our developers are interested in creating portable software of high quality.



Why is it recommended to use Java?

There are many good reasons to use Java for web and mobile app development - platform independence, object orientation, rich APIs, security, effective memory management, multithreading facilities. The language offers such versatility of effective digital solutions that can be applied in any business area or domain you can think of.

Why is Java development expensive?

Yes, it can be really costly. All the Java applications work through JVM that requires a lot of resources - complicators, servers, processors, memory, etc. Besides, you need to pay for licenses, developers time. All these factors affect the final cost of Java development. Along with its high costs, keep in mind other important aspects - reliability and security of your products or services.

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What projects is Java used for?

Indeed, there are many projects where Java is used — commercial websites, Android apps, electronic trading systems, data processing projects, games. We have a lot of programs created in Spring, Hibernate, Grails, JSF and other Java frameworks. Java is widely used in financial services - many banks use Java for writing front and back-office systems, account settlement and credit servicing, data processing.

Is Java really slow?

Java components are compiled into native code at runtime and sent to a Java virtual machine (JVM). It takes some time, but continuous profiling and analysis of classes make Java reliable and secure. Basically, Java is potentially faster than other programming languages, for example, .Net, C++, PHP, Ruby or Python. Besides, the real runtime performance depends on the project and its objectives, the quality of development as well. Our developers do their best so that Java will outperform.

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