Project description

A mobile application for electronic locks remote control. That application has a lot of flexible settings to satisfy users’ demands. This allows users to apply this technology for home needs, as well for large business objects.

Special features

  • Multiple gateways for door locks
  • Doorwatch to a door in my system (activates notification if door_open xxx seconds)
  • Auto-lock mode to a door lock
  • User with Admin rights can set up Auto-lock and auto-unlock
  • User with Admin rights can Invitation for users to the locks system
  • User with Admin rights can Set up fixed credentials for users (constant and temporary)
  • User with Admin rights can get notifications about all door lock activity


Programming language: Javascript.

Frameworks: React Native + Redux (+Redux Persist) + React Navigation; WebSocket (socket-io); OAuth2; Firebase Cloud Messaging; Bluetooth LE; IOT (Gateway + Locks).

Database: Async Storage.

Duration: 5 months.


Project is available on

Google Play
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