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Mangosoft’s specialists are well-versed in JavaScript to work on a variety of projects in different industries. Our team of professionals is ready to provide you with the most effective solutions based on your budget, needs, and requirements. Need to have a web application developed in JavaScript? Hire our JS developers and be sure about the final results - we contribute to each business area through the full-cycle web development services!


Our JavaScript Development Services

Web Application Development

JavaScript is a client-side programming language with the help of which our engineers can make your web application dynamic and interactive for your clients. Our developers also use cross-platform runtime frameworks like Node.js to write server-side code in JavaScript.

Mobile Application Development

If you want to release your application on mobile devices, rely on our developers. With profound knowledge of JavaScript and other tools, we can build apps of high quality and deliver them within a very short timeframe. They’ll run on either iOS, Android or Windows.

Front-End Development

Our experienced specialists can develop the front end of your website or application - they choose the tools that are best fit for specific needs. So when you are thinking to add some user interaction (image sliders, pop-ups, or animation), we use Javascript.

Frameworks and Solutions


Angular creates a solid ground for building functional and interactive interfaces of your web or mobile applications. We are proficient in Angular development that allows you to fully rely on us to meet your exact needs.


With the event-driven and non-blocking I/O model of programming, Node.js, our specialists develop fast web servers. Due to this programming, you can get data-intensive real-time applications that run across distributed devices.


This basic JS library allows our developers to create user interfaces, primarily in web app development. As a result, your application is fast to handle and process large amounts of data. Moreover, it automatically updates when your data changes.


Vue.js is a JavaScript framework with various optional tools necessary for our developers to build user interfaces or single-page apps. We can come up with the most effective idea for your business project.

Apache Cordova

As an open-source development framework, Apache Cordova helps our developers build powerful cross-platform mobile applications that run perfectly on various mobile platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows and more.


This tool offers flexibility, cross-browser compatibility and empowers your projects. Our web developers standardize and simplify interactions between HTML elements and JavaScript code in your apps.

Hiring models

Cooperate with experts

Outsource Our Team

If you are eager to work with professional offshore JavaScript developers, our team is at your service. The best step right now is to outsource experts from Mangosoft. You can use our online cost calculator to find out the prices for development services. Specify all the demands because the rest is our duties - software project planning, management, development, QA testing, and deployment. Cooperate with our skilled developers to boost your business.

Hire Our Top Specialists

If you are looking for an experienced expert in JavaScript able to take all the necessary development steps at a high level, then Mangosoft is the right choice. Our JS developers boast of having 100+ successful projects. They can easily synergize with your team or work as a fully independent partner in your business model. You can contact us for more detailed information - we are open to every request. Be sure we’ll fulfill yours as well!

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Benefits with Mangosoft

Powerful Front-End Development

JavaScript is irreplaceable in the development of modern fully-dynamic web interfaces. Everything they see, click, or use on the website is the work of a front-end developer. Our developers make heavy use of libraries based on JavaScript enables your users to interact with an interface with active interest.

Outstanding Versatility

JavaScript works well with other languages, can be used in a variety of applications and in any file extension. The JS syntax previously used on your web page automatically works well with the latest versions of the programming language. Once our specialists develop the website, you can enjoy its flexibility.

Broad Functionalities

JavaScript is a core language that has all the features necessary to build in many functionalities for your site. If you want a certain feature to be present on your website, just ask our developers to work out it for you.


JavaScript stands out with its flexibility and brevity that is not very common for other languages. Our JS developers are also ready to be flexible to easily meet your business requirements.



What projects is JavaScript used for?

Being a client-side scripting language, JavaScript is commonly used for creating dynamic web pages with extended functionalities (submission, interactivity, animations, user activity tracking and more). Besides, it is increasingly used in developing mobile applications. Among industries in which JavaScript is used, we can point out the following ones - education, entertainment, games, digital art projects.

Is Node.js good for enterprise applications?

In comparison with other JS frameworks and languages, it's exactly Node.js that takes over web application development in all types of enterprises. Just for consideration - Walmart, NASA, Intel, PayPal, Netflix, Twitter are those a few famous companies that use Node.js in their operations. Many other enterprises find it meaningful to rewrite their existing code in Node.js. It can improve the productivity and performance of enterprise applications.

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Is it possible to do an entire project only using JavaScript?

Nowadays, it is possible to develop an entire JavaScript app from front to back using only JavaScript. For that, you need to bootstrap Node.js servers, use a document-oriented database, for example, MongoDB, and use the JavaScript framework (Angular or React) for the front-end development. You can always rely on our JS developers with confidence - everything will be done as required.

Are JavaScript-based applications 100% secure?

We can’t name this programming language totally secure. Primarily, various attacking techniques are aimed at the vulnerabilities of JavaScript - cross-site scripting, cross-site request forgery, cross-domain information leakage, etc. When it comes to JavaScript security, it is better to protect code against being hacked or stolen. However, each of our JavaScript developers keeps in mind all the possible security issues to protect your web application from risks and hazards.

Client Success

Helping people reach their dreams

Blockchain-Based Payment System

This payment system that is based on blockchain technology processes money transfers between users inside of the system. It offers multicurrency wallets depending on the region. It works both in web browsers and mobile applications.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Service

This decentralized cryptocurrency exchange service is a unique platform for the profitable purchase/sale of cryptocurrency under the credible security of smart contracts and payment systems all over the world.

Cryptocurrency Wallet

It is a digital wallet allowing users to pay and receive payments in multiple cryptocurrencies and conventional currencies as well. The complete security is guaranteed in all monetary transactions due to blockchain.

MBR Skincare

MBR Skincare operates at the forefront of the beauty industry creating innovative luxury skincare products for customers. The company offers the latest scientific discoveries that are supported by in-depth research and biochemical experiments. The website is built on Magento –one of the most popular CMS platform on the e-commerce market. Mangosoft team supported migration from Magento 1.0 to Magento 2.3. The newer Magento version comes with a set of new features and opportunities, such as higher speed, enhanced performance and strengthened hashing algorithms.

Enhanced Financial Analytics Platform

The project is under NDA. A Dutch company that provides financial analysis services for European and US financial markets with free overviews on reputable banks stocks and tips on how to manage them. The platform is a reliable guide to the world of stock exchanges. When the company came to us, they had a simple information website operating in Netherland and Belgium. They wanted to transform it into a publishing platform for multiple countries. Besides, they needed the subscription-based “Pro Section” leading investors to right decisions.


First vehicle marketplace in Africa, offering a platform for a large number of users to sell and buy transport facilities online. It connects buyers, private sellers and dealers of new and second-hand cars, motorbikes, and trucks. When the client contacted us, they wanted to create a powerful and convenient online marketplace for selling and buying vehicles online. The marketplace was supposed to provide a simple, fast and free solution for interaction between a customer and a vendor.

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