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Aside from digital proficiency, designing healthcare mobile applications, on-premise software and other digital assets requires an entirely new level of precision. Fully equipped to meet the needs of the most complicated, accuracy-dependent industries, Mangosoft developers, testers and designers provide their expertise to multiple medical establishments in need of a digital upgrade.

Healthcare applications
and sports wearables

Driven by the goal to shoulder the workload of healthcare workers, the company teams create custom solutions for healthcare administration and patient assistance. Healthcare web applications developed by Mangosoft make scheduling and navigation a matter of two swipes while the company’s experience in contract software development for healthcare allows its clients to order top-quality, app development for sports: including wearables, mobile phone apps and other platforms.

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Internet of Things
Indoor navigation
Internet of Things
  • Harmonizing and balancing data exchange
  • Stable network and a clear outlook on the information you receive
  • Improved speed of data processing.
Indoor navigation
  • Best healthcare apps for patients who require notifications
  • Fast in-door navigation and reminders
  • Real-time software that provides quick tips
  • Swift medical app and software for healthcare workers
  • Innovative instant report systems
  • Timely response to emergencies
  • Informative healthcare web applications for patients
  • Massive portal with useful insights
  • Convenient online client processing features
  • Smart assistants for sports and healthcare
  • Tools that monitor your schedule and document your progress
  • Relevant data on your activity and recovery.

Healthcare software with Mangosoft

Healthy apps for healthy use

Human understanding

When we create a personal healthcare app, we mind the details and specifics of its users. Our solutions offer high usability and provide valuable support during rehabilitation.

Accurate data

In healthcare, software and mobile app development rely on the accuracy of users’ stats. Our solutions follow users closely, giving them a clean insight into their status.

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Versatile use

We develop and customize medical apps for Android, iOS and cross-platforms. That includes mobile phones, wearables, PC and any gadget that you require in your work.

Emotional A.I. apps

Within our mobile solutions, we create a personal digital nurse to monitor health of your patients. Our smart consumer apps have an emotion recognition software that responds to patient’s discomfort.

Safe administration

Our healthcare applications for doctors allow you to build schedules, register patients, document their medical history and prescriptions in a safe, protected digital format. Focus on your medical duties and leave data management to your smart helper.

Client Success

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A vertical eCommerce smart solution. It's a Web Shop accompanied by the order, customer management and payment systems. Payment transfers’ security is ensured by HTTPS connection.

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