Use Voice Assistants to Manage Your Bank Account

Use Voice Assistants to Manage Your Bank Account image

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Did you plan to visit your bank manager? There is no need! Alexa, Siri or Cortana are here to help you. Voice assistants are widely adopted by well-known corporations to handle banking functions. The software has successfully been integrated to enable customers to pay bills and check their account status with voice order. Open an application, talk to your voice assistant and she will guide you through all the latest updates. In the near future, banks are going to introduce voice-based money transfers. With global adoption of Zelle, it will become much easier to handle banking operation just in one click!

While managers rave about the potential of voice assistants to provide superior user experience, customers express security concerns on the use of smart assistants. Voice assistants have been introduced to the market not so long time ago. Clients assume they might have vulnerabilities and inefficiencies that can be exploited by fraudsters and hackers. How will banks ensure the security of clients’ sensitive information? That is the question!

Monzo and Capital One have already integrated software to enable their customers to check account status or pay bills using voice orders. US Bank, the local giant, has become the first banking institution to launch services based on all three smart helpers: Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant. As for now, companies try to restrict the feature in functionality to avoid potential risks. However, US Bank is considering the option to allow money transfers with the help of voice orders.

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