Mangosoft is heading to ICT Spring Europe 2019!

Mangosoft is heading to ICT Spring Europe 2019! image

ICT Spring is a global tech conference conducted in the heart of Europe – Luxembourg. Every year more than 5 000 decision-makers in fintech, IT, banking, web development and marketing from more than 70 countries of the world come together to get the latest insights into innovations. The two-day event enables visitors to dive in the atmosphere of digital transformation, deepen their fintech knowledge and keep up with the rapid pace of scientific development. Numerous exhibitions and demonstrations are waiting for fintech specialists to provide them with the latest updates from industry-leading companies worldwide. ICT Spring is also the center of networking where you can exchange experiences with your peers or find new business partners. Talented speakers and successful marketers are coming to Luxembourg to deliver a unique program of seminars and presentations to contribute to the growing value of the fintech industry. If you are interested in software development services, Mangosoft will be happy to meet you at ICT Spring( at b2fair matchmaking event or in any other format).

Since 2016, Mangosoft stands at the forefront of digital innovations providing its clients with state-of-the-art fintech products and services worldwide. We don’t just develop quality software, we offer custom digital solutions to help your business thrive. We are already trusted by global brands such as EBRD, Electronic Arts and TouchPress. Our team of over 100 professionals comprises 50+ developers with extensive experience in fintech projects including financial software, banking applications and web development, mobile apps and customized payment systems. With our multi-skilled team leaders and accomplished frontend/backend experts, Mangosoft is ready to meet your custom development needs.

Whenever you need an extra pair of hands or want to outsource a project, our professionals are here to provide you with top-notch financial services including:

  • Mobile Apps Development
  • Digital Wallets
  • Blockchain
  • Trading Platforms
  • AI
  • Point of Sale Financial Software

More information about our fintech services and cases, you can view here.

Let’s drive innovation together and meet at ICT Spring to discuss win-win collaboration! Contact us on or fill out the Google Form above to schedule the meeting.

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